Monday July 6, 2015

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  • maureli
    maureli Posts: 722 Member
    Very busy weekend here. My brother was visiting with his daughter so got a nice visit in with them. had friends visit one evening....and a bonfire, all which included wine. Got to make this week good....I did some splurging on the weekend. It was my sons birthday as well so there is ice cream cake in the house.

    Still, got my runs in. I think today I'm going to do a chalean workout before I go in to town to run errands. Going to be a busy day again...
  • PinkNinjaLaura
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    Sounds like a great weekend Maureen!

    It's raining here, which is putting a damper on my dumpster project. This morning I started tackling the basement. Got 7 loads of trash hauled up to the main floor before taking a break. I don't want to bring up more until I can get those outside, and I'm not diehard enough to go out in the rain. Supposed to quit raining mid-afternoon then be dry the rest of the week so I have time.

    I have Jason tonight. I did zero strength training while he was on vacation, unless you count hauling several heavy loads out to the dumpster. I'm hoping he had a chance to come up with a new running/recovery plan for me. My leg felt good after I did C25K on Friday & walked a 5K race on Saturday, so I'm really encouraged about that. Trying to find that balance of building without having a setback.