Monday July 13, 2015

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  • maureli
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    Morning, sorry I did not post at all over the weekend! Seems to be a habit of mine.

    A new week, a new day. Thats how I have to look at it after not such a great day yesterday. Funny how you can do so great all week and then the weekend comes and you feel like you have to start over on Monday.

    I did get a run in on Saturday but took yesterday as a rest day. I also did an hour and half of "whipper snipping" or "weed wacking" whichever you call it. Lol And, then that evening we went out in the kayaks. My arms were not even a bit sore and I think its due to the Chalean workouts I'm doing.

    Will probably run today, depends on how hot it gets I guess.
  • valmaebel
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    Marla - I hate when that happens! I once had someone at church ask me when the baby was due. I was holding my oldest...who was 3 months old at the time. Simple logic would tell them that I wouldn't be showing even if I did manage to get pregnant a mere month after giving birth. I just told him I was till fat from having a baby. I think a blunt response is probably the best. If anything, it will teach the other person to never, ever, ever, ever ask a random person if their pregnant! Try not to be discouraged. It's a female thing that we women carry most of our weight around our belly and thighs. Biology sucks sometimes, but it doesn't diminish you as a person!

    I did get my "homework" from my trainer done last night. But no bike ride. I'm all set and ready to head out and swim in just a few minutes, and Im hoping with all the crazy camps, painting projects, and trips behind me I can finally get into a good routine! I'm also not counting calories for the next few weeks. Instead, I want to focus on what I'm eating and why I'm eating it. Yesterday it actually prevented me from quite a bit of snacking as I was actually purposeful in what I ate. I'm hoping by not using energy counting every calorie but instead dealing with weird habits and issues I have with how I approach food that I will develop healthier habits. We'll see!

    Have a great day everyone!
  • FromHereOnOut
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    Hi! Just want to say that I promise I'll be back someday. :| I knew this trip would be all consuming, but now I see just how much. Hoping MIL arrival by end of week might help me to be able to leave kids with her and get out for a run. I've gained a ton of weight. But my determination is still with me.
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    Thanks Val.

    Busy short trip, at cousins and leaving for step daughters work in a few hours, hubby and I taking her out to lunch, then heading over to state fair where her husband has forestry exibit.