MCT oil and stomach upset?

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Hey guys. Been doing keto for almost 2 months and absolutely love it. However, I decided to up my MCT oil to 2 tablespoons this morning and I have had stomach issues ever since. Has this happened to anyone? My stomach has this burning sensation. I can't eat because it's bothering me so much. Can MCT oil upset the stomach, and what can I have that is keto friendly to settle it? I am NOT kicking myself out of ketosis over this! Thanks! :)


  • kmca1803
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    I'm also a fan of MCT oil. It gives me a great energy boost for my HIIT training, and also makes me feel very warm to the point of sometimes getting a bit sweaty during the day! For me, it really cranks up the metabolism when I'm fully fat adapted.

    I had to be quite slow in upping my intake of MCT in a way that I didn't have to with other fats (even coconut oil), mostly because of the GIT symptoms. You can't just suddenly double the amount of it that you use, if that's what you did, without getting side effects. Its just too strong. Go up very slowly. You will eventually adapt to the amount used.

    I find that if I get a bit of reflux (which is very rarely on keto), then I will just drink a lot of fluids to try and flush whatever the aggravating food is through my stomach, or have some mild tasting cheese to sort of damp it down. Magnesium is a key ingredient in a lot of antacids, so sometimes I have some of my mag supplements.

    Not scientific solutions, but it works for me!