Best glucometer to use?

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And are they accurate? I heard the sticks are not. I am close to goal and the scale is moving very slowly. I think this would be a way for me to eat keto more accurately and see how certain foods affect me. I also think it would be more motivating for me as well. TIA!


  • abi111
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    what are you wanted to test, blood glucose or ketones? usually a glucometer is for testing blood glucose, though you can get some that also test blood ketones but the strips are very expensive for testing the blood ketones.
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    There's also a calculator that will show you the ketogenic ratio of foods, but for something like this you would probably want something like a Ketonix breathalyzer.
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    I have the Precision Xtra that measures blood glucose and ketones. The machine was free but the ketone strips are really pricy. I don't measure ketones too often. If you're doing experiments and can afford the strips, it's a great way to find out how different foods affect you and in what time frame.

    The glucose strips are less expensive but still geared towards diabetics who have some kind of insurance to pay for it.

    I get all my strips on eBay. They seem to run hot and cold on best prices but they list expiration dates. Amazon reviews on strips have stated that expiration dates aren't listed and strips are sometimes expired. I work in the pharmaceutical industry and know that sometimes that doesn't mean anything other than an arbitrary date they've picked to test stability to, but it may.
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    I have the Precision Xtra Ketone/Glucose meter and I'm very happy with it.

    I get my ketone strips from They are out of Canada, but they seem to be the cheapest around. I ordered 40 strips for $90 + $7 S&H which works out to $2.25 per strip or $2.425 including the s & h.