Body Bucket List

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When I started my journey I made a list of things I wanted to do in my body, mostly so my goals weren't just weightloss or boring fitness statistics. I wanted to make sure I was actually enjoying things that I wasn't able to do before and that those things would be motivating for me to keep going and push the activity level. Here are things I've done so far:
-do a sprint triathlon
-play soccer on a team
-hike with my son in the baby carrier
-join the bone marrow registry
-climb Mt. Bonnell (local cliff at top of very long staircase)
-swim the length of the local springs and back

I have more fun to go:
-go kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding
-go to disney world and ride all the rides
-run a mile without stopping
-do a 5k with my kid
-go ziplining
-go skiiing
-play paintball
-go to Schlitterbahn and ride all the slides
-Spend the day geocaching on a hike

Some of these are imminent. Some might be years away. But I like doing at least one thing like this a month if possible and I'm starting to run low. What kinds of things would you put on this list? No rules, just dreams - hit me with them!


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    I went out to the Grand Canyon last fall and was thrilled to be able to walk most of the South Rim (within the National Park that is). For me this was a huge success since before surgery and weight loss I would not have been able to do even 1/2 of it. I did not try to hike into the canyon as I wasn't confident I could make it back out. So maybe that's something for you to work toward, hiking to the bottom and back.
  • blairmundy
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    That's a good one! When my kids are a little older I want to do a national park trip where we go to 3 or 4 different ones. I want my babies to grow up but I also want them to stay little - lol!
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    That's a great goal Blair! I really wish we had done things like that when the kids were younger and still at home.
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    - Climb the Precipice in Acacia National Park (planning this for our vacation next month)! Everyone did it 2 years ago and I knew I couldn't make it. That feeling was depressing. This year I'm doing it!!

    I am going to work on a dream list! Thanks for the inspiration.
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    I think this is a great idea too! I'm going to start working on my own as well :) That must feel so good to cross items off that list!!!
  • cabennett99
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    Great thread - at the end of my pre-op psychological assessment the doctor encouraged me to "live on the edge", which has been great advice. Embrace the ability to do those things we maybe thought would never be possible. The more you do, the more you realize you can do!
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    Right now I have a 5 day canoe trip through Canyonlands national parks planned for next spring with my two 5 (will be 6) year olds. I did it before I got pregnant, but 50+lbs later, taking the girls was a pipedream. Now it will become reality and I can't wait to see how much easier hiking the rim, the dollhouse, etc will be.
  • 911Chrisy
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    My sister and I plan on an amusement park visit where we fit and ride everything!
    I would love to go
    Zip lining
    Hiking and mountain biking nature trails
    Take a Zuma class
    Long distance running
    Playing at the play ground with my little one not just bench warmin
    Train in jiu-jitsu and earn my black belt
    Get my motorcycle license
    Taking a relaxing bath

    A few of my to do's.

  • CEK0220
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    Awesome thread! Giving me some great ideas!
  • cmchandler74
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    Ooooh! Love this thread! I've never really thought about it. Gonna think on this some and come up with a list. Thanks, @blairmundy!
  • 911Chrisy
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    I forgot to add that my sister and I want to do the Disney Princess Run. That is on the list as well
  • lorilbuckner1
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    This is an awesome thread!
    I have marked off a few already!
    Zip Lining, Skydiving, and feeling confident enough to join a gym!
    I add to that Para-sailing, hot air balloon ride, walking a marathon ( doc wont let me run..bad knees) and hiking to the top of Avalanche Mt Preserve, a local hiking path with 462 stair steps leading to the top of a mountain overlook. Haven't done that since I was a kid!!