happy august

In 4 weeks time were all going to be a bit lighter and alot fitter its our time to shine we can all do it with the support from each other


  • loni26
    loni26 Posts: 18 Member
    Oh i like the sound of that, can't wait to be a bit lighter. Support from a 100+ people all over the world, it's going to be a good August
  • WicklowWanderer
    WicklowWanderer Posts: 247 Member
    Oh no, just signed myself up to a weight loss challenge that happens to start on the Irish long weekend, hahaha! Well, gym is done for today and I'll take it easy when I'm out with friends tonight. Good luck everyone, we can do it :)
  • Lnature71
    Lnature71 Posts: 84 Member
    Happy August 1st everyone! I'm very excited about this challenge. I believe it's what I need to get motivated again. I just had breakfast and will be off to the gym!
    How is everyone planning to spend today in healthy way?
  • GrandmaJackie
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    Happy August to everyone too! I just finish a short run plus hitting the gym for a couple hours before doing some errands I wanted to get a Aqua fit class in but Mother Nature decided to show up, :'(:'( so bring on the arc trainer!
  • Lnature71
    Lnature71 Posts: 84 Member
    Oh I love the Arc Trainer!!!!!1 I tried the elliptical but hated it. I usually do and hour on the trainer.
  • rjneeley
    rjneeley Posts: 59 Member
    Happy August, everyone! I am ready for this challenge. So far, since getting serious about getting healthy again, I'm down 5 pounds. This challenge is what I need to keep that going, onward and downward! Today is a rest day for me officially, but hubby and I did a walk, about 2 miles. Now for meal planning and prep, and housework. Good luck to us all!
  • startingover72
    startingover72 Posts: 151 Member
    Happy August all!
    I'm going to start the month off well by going on the elliptical for half an hour.
    Good luck everyone!
  • infitspo
    infitspo Posts: 29 Member
    Happy August!
    I had a bit of a too-big breakfast today but I'm going to manage the day and put in a couple of good workouts. Here's to my best version of me :)
  • degeorgeff
    degeorgeff Posts: 46 Member
    Happy August Everyone! I am already loving the support and motivation. This is going to be a great month for us all! It is a beautiful day here in Ohio, the perfect way to start the month. I woke up early and made a trip to the store and got rid of all the junk in the house and replaced with healthy snacks for the kids. I'm thinking about making it a park day followed by yardwork!
  • MicheleStitches
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    I started the month off with 6 miles of walking this morning. :)
  • scrams2u
    scrams2u Posts: 5 Member
    I started off today with a hangover(then had leftover spareribs for dinner...) xD. But I got all the healthy food for cooking and a scale (finally!). So it balances out I think ^^
  • Alex_or_Ben
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    I hope this group will continue past August and we can get to know each other a lot more.
  • ryanndavignon
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    I'm looking forward to see how much I have lost (as well as every one else!) by the end of this month. I have been doing really well and keeping my calories in check and not snacking late at night (that's my biggest accomplishment so far, along with stopping my soda intake) My husband is doing this with me too this time so it making it a little bit easier since he's on board this time. He gives me the kick in the pant I need when I don't want to get up and go for our walk.

    We can do it!!
  • iwillbeslim513365
    iwillbeslim513365 Posts: 73 Member
    Met my challenges for the first day so only another 30 to go - good luck everyone.
  • GrandmaJackie
    GrandmaJackie Posts: 35,761 Member
    Week 1:
    1. No late night snacking 6 of 7 days DONE
    2. Get early workouts in (Runs/walks) 5 of 7 days DONE
    3. Healthy food choices 6 of 7 days DONE

    1/30 days

    Today, not able to get a run in but I'm going to hit the gym before I go pick up Baby Natalya!!!!!!
  • WWnot
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    A bit lighter. That sounds lovely. Just back from a weekend away and that means back in my own kitchen with control over how my meals are prepared. I'm looking forward to having a great August and sharing the road with you guys! Have a great Monday.
  • nannersp61
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    My birthday is the 5 th, so for this week I would love to give myself another pound lost and a new pair of sketchers
  • simquilts2
    simquilts2 Posts: 34 Member
    "A bit lighter and a lot fitter," wow, I love the positive sound of that! Let's do it!
  • nannersp61
    nannersp61 Posts: 2,315 Member
    Spent my morning pulling weeds and grass out of my garden. Now I'm off to pick up our vehicle that's been in the shop for over a week. My husband and I will get lunch at Souper Salad and we also will go do some hospital visitation. I plan to go to the gym when we get back for a two hour workout plus finish pulling weeds. My brother- in-law and his wife will be dropping in for a visit this weekend, so I have to deep clean my house. We also have a wedding to attend Saturday.
  • mmebouchon
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    I am really excited to see how much healthier we are all going to be by month end.