Off to a bad start....

So today is August 1, the first day of this challenge that I am really excited about, and I went 1090 calories over. My goal was to stick to my pre log, burn 300 calories today, and eat a salad for dinner. I only did the second thing, which I wasted anyway. I don't know how it spiraled into this. I was doing well all day, but it went downhill in just 2 hours. I had some coke while doing laundry and some ice cream. Then I came home and snacked some more and ate a high calorie dinner with dessert, too. Highly disappointed. I was happy I lost 1.4 pounds this week but now this. I don't know-sometimes my whole day just unravels with a single thought.


  • melodynyce
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    Back on track tomorrow. That's all you can do or else every day would be like today and you'd gain and gain. Just don't give up. Think of it as being healthy so you have overall good health and not just loosing pounds.
  • debbysatit
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    A salad for dinner may not have been enough. Salad does not last in my system long. Need more like a salad , some protein and small carb. So it lasts longer. Otherwise you may have been hungry and that triggered the eating.
  • debbysatit
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    Oops just re-read your post and saw about the dinner and dessert. New advice, don't beat yourself up, forgive yourself and start fresh tomorrow! We can do this!
  • jjacks1986
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    Hit the reset button and maybe have a good look at what could have triggered it? make sure the goals that you have set yourself are realistic or else you may become overwhelmed and your subconscious manipulates you...sone step at a time and make sure you remember to be proud of the little things you achieve!! it is all part of a journey to a healthier you :)
    you can do this!!! B)
  • startingover72
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    Got to admit I got off to a bad start too. I had planned on doing some exercise but heard some really bad news yesterday and felt so down that I couldn't muster up the energy to do any. It's mad because I knew that doing some exercise would've probably helped mentally. I seem to have zero motivation and energy these days
  • WicklowWanderer
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    I got off to a good start myself yesterday- great gym session with some pretty intense interval training and I managed to keep food calories under control for the day. However, a planned night out with friends ended up a little boozier than I had intended (two glasses of Prosecco, two G &T's and a pint of Guinness). On the plus side, being slightly poisoned this morning means I'll eat less today. Won't be touching a drop of drink either! I'm working the 5:2 approach and tomorrow will be my 6th low cal 500 calorie lean day. Next lean day after that is Thursday. Technically, I can eat what I want the remaining days, but I try to keep to the 1200 recommended by MFP. I really like it and I may have hit on a lifestyle that suits me. For anyone who falls off the wagon, my advice is to try to understand how it happened and why it happened, then forgive yourself and move on. Tomorrow is another day! :)
  • Lnature71
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    Today is a new day. Maybe keep some flavored sparkling water around in place of coke. Coke will make you crave and also cause you to crash a few hours after drinking it. You can do this!
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    I noticed that I like to have a big dinner, so I plan for it by having smallish breakfasts/lunches. I kinda felt like I had a bad start too, as I went from 13 pounds lost to 10 pounds lost on my July 31st weigh in. But this morning I'm at 11 pounds lost, so I am getting back on track. We can't give up, we just have to plan a little better, and aim to prepare like Batman.
  • shauna913
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    I think we all have done it. Its a journey and during it we learn a lot about ourselves. We expect perfection but that is unrealistic. We are gonna have setbacks but the real progress is not giving up. Dont be too hard on yourself!
  • ShansGotGoals
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    No worries...hit reset and let's do this. The fact that you came here and talked about it let's you know you are in the game for the long haul and just need a little reminder. Have a great day!!
  • danielaica
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    Me too! We visited family that we hadn't seen for ages and they greeted us with homemade breadrolls, bbq and even more food. Back on track today tho!
    Don't be hard on yourself, it's ok to have a cheat day.
    Have a great day
  • yasminara
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    It's not over unless we quit! We all stumble but what makes us great is how we bounce back!!
  • maximumcutie
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    Same here - it's a holiday weekend here, and I'm crazy stressed with a bunch of course work to finish - makes for a bad combination of snacking, boredom, and stress. All we can do is put the bad day(s) in the past and move forward, trying to do a little extra workout this week in order to overcome that overeating.
  • mystgrl1604
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    It's a journey. You will have bad days interspered among the good. But the main thing is that you dust youself off the next day and try even harder! Never give up! Give yourself some slack if you're finding it too hard. Set smaller, more achievable goals. These small goals will add up to become big ones.

    Good luck to us all!
  • cherries12345
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    Thank you everyone for the great advice. Yesterday, I challenged myself to do what I didn't the day before, and I stayed under my goal and ate that salad, too. It seems my weight is also back on track this morning!