Eating enough 6 mo out?

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I'm 6 months out from sleeve. If I force myself to eat what feels like an uncomfortable amount, I can *occasionally* get up to 800cals/day. This really only happens when I eat sunflower seeds more than once a day. Usually I average around 600. I continue to struggle to get enough protein and physically can't unless I drink a good amount of milk every day.

I see posts about people upping cals to lose and I'm left wondering - how do they do that? Is it just one of those things where it's still to early for me because everyone's body is different? My surgeon doesn't seem concerned and my NUT is fine with everything as long as I'm getting my protein and not drinking milk, but so far that isn't possible. Per previous post, I've decided to ignore him on the milk.

But is there anyone else who really can't eat much at all this far out? I can eat about 3 oz of fish and 1-2 oz of other meat at a sitting. I wouldn't even mind if my loss slowed down a bit, I just want to be eating a healthy amount and I keep feeling like I should be in the 800-1000+ range instead of the 500-700 range.


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    Most days, I do good to get 800 calories almost 7 months out. I'm not worried about it. I eat the foods that get my protein where it needs to be and keeps my carbs low. I just let the calories work themselves out.

    My diary is open.
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    I'm just a week behind you (I hit six months on Monday) and I'm getting 800 calories on a food-heavy day, so I think we're OK. My nutritionist has more of a focus on the protein, water and multi-vitamin aspect of things (as in make sure you get those in without fail). I'm averaging about 60 gms of protein a day, and I try to make that my focus rather than caloric intake.
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    I just heard from our dietician staff at the monthly support group for the practice I had my surgery with. I thought that at 4 months my goal was to be 60-80 g of protein daily. She announced today that the lifetime amount (anytime after 6 weeks post surgery) is now raised to 80-100! I have been aiming at 800 calories daily. A few days I got more when I was eating "regular" and not diet food items. I have't been measuring an amount of food, but concentrating on the calories. I think I am eating too much volume, although if I limit it to the one cup per meal amount, then I wonder if I will be able to reach the 800 calories. This is so confusing for me. I have been in a stall, and they tell me to increase my protein. If I do that I will stop eating most NON-PROTEIN foods to make up for it. Now I could use some guidance from those of you who do this daily....
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    @jillcwatson1, can you list an example of what you're eating daily? It's hard to tell where the deficit really is when we don't know what you're doing for intake. For instance, if you're eating junk, then YES, by all means, increasing protein will help (and will prevent you from stuffing with bad calories). If you're already strictly adhering to the program, it may be something else.

    It's been my personal experience that if I've been following the correct eating guidelines, that I usually have to increase my CARB intake to break a stall (honestly, my body usually leads me there by making me crave carbs so I listen and then allot some moderately). But what I shoot for is this: high protein, low carb, minimal (if at all) sugar. Notice I didn't say NO carb - sometimes that can get people stuck - but you have to make sure the carb intake is healthy and not junky.

    Also, make sure you're tracking measurements. Stalls/plateaus are a normal part of this process, but it's been my experience that when the scale is stuck, my sizes are moving downward. Check it out!
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    @cmhandler74, I have an open diary for "friends" and so I could add you in if you are willing to look and give additional advise specific to me. I am aiming for 800 calories a day, but don't always get that. I strive for 60-80 proteins and need to use a shake to get that in. I have left the shake as a morning snack about an hour into my workday rather than use it as my breakfast like I did closest to surgery. My carbs are mostly from veggies and fruits, although I am not doing too much of that outside of salads which I use as a a base for my protein at lunch. That keeps me from doing sandwiches. I have had bread and rolls, but not pasta or rice like I did presurgery. That is an adjustment. I do eat chips and tortillas when eating Mexican (and we do that often)but I try to limit it and really watch the rest of the day if I plan on us eating out. My sandwiches with bread have been open faced or with 1/2 buns to limit the carbs. I thought that I was overdoing carbs at 50g per day but my dietician said under 100 is "low". I haven't gotten near that.

    I worry about eating too much volume and still getting 800 calories without snacking all day long. at 3:00 with breakfast, lunch and mid morning snack behind me, I am at 56 pro, 24 carbs and 14 fat. More than 1/2 my sodium goal (per MFP goal) and 433 calories. I don't have dinner planned as I never know what I should be able to finish at lunchitime. I brought greek yogurt (80 cals and 12 pro) to add to lunch but ran out of time. Maybe for supper tonight. I don't think I will eat at home...probably Wendy's chili for supper on the way to church meeting tonight. Such is my life.....
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    I eat almost twice that. I do protein powder with my coffee, then 6 small meals a day. I have found that some people may not be measuring their protein correctly. Do you measure raw or cooked? Unless you are buying it packaged and cooked with NI on it for cooked (such as cooked chicken strips, tuna etc), it should be weighed raw. A 3 oz cooked piece of steak may actually be 5 oz. depending on fat content and shrinkage. I have felt from the beginning that I did not want to eat too low for a long period of time and slow my metabolism. I am hoping that when I hit my goal and go into maintenance that I will be eating closer to the 2,000 calorie mark.
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    I hope you don't mind if I follow this thread with great interest! I'm still in the pre-surgery phase and trying to get my diet adjusted to what I'll need post surgery now. I'm aiming for 1500 calories a day now and plan to cut that back to 1200 in October, and 1000 in November and December (great timing, huh?) and hoping to get my surgery approval done for the sleeve in January. I'm down 11 pounds now, and would love to have some more WLS friends here. So, please friend me. Knowing what to expect after surgery is so helpful - so THANKS!
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    Hmmmm... I rarely go over 100 carbs a day, and usually I'm around the 50 mark on days that don't involve cheats of some sort (pasta, potatoes or rice). I'm not saying that's right for you, but 100 carbs a day seems terrifically high considering the type of food we're supposed to be eating. If I have a choice between socking down another 20 g of protein vs. 20 g of carbs, I know which one I'm reaching for. That said, I'm 7 months out today and usually eat around 800-1000 calories a day. I have seriously bad reactions to protein shakes, so I have to get my protein outside of those (mostly I load it up through fat-free cottage and other cheeses).

    What kind of exercise do you do? That's also a factor. For instance, the last time I had pasta as part of one of my meals, I had earned 750 extra calories in exercise that day so it more than balanced out what I ate. I typically walk anywhere from 4-6 miles 3-4 days a week and do at least two days of toning exercises (yoga and/or pilates) of some sort. I still lose if I'm not exercising (like this week, when I've been sick), but it definitely kicks things along.
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    Perhaps I am not so far off from what I am supposed to do if some of you are following these same guidlines and being successful. I did exercise this morning before getting ready for work and although it is only a one day streak, I hope to get back in that habit. It had been nearly 2 weeks since I had done the exercise bike. I have a gym membership too, but I have struggled with their open hours and my work schedule to make it work. I know that sounds like an excuse (and part of it may be, but only a small part). I need to schedule a time to meet with gym staff to reorient me to the weight machines or to suggest what else I am capable of doing. I was using the water treadmill and doing pool activities and had found a routine that worked and then they changed their hours after closig the pool for two weeks to repaint and repair. That was enough time to break my patterns and so now I am starting over again.
    Between diet and exercise changes mypoor body has been through it of late. I will push forward though as this is important to me and my future. Thanks everyone for your encouragement. Best wishes for YOUR continued success.
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    If getting to the gym is a struggle, just walk if you can. Walk, and don't worry about speed.
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    Under 800 per day at 6 months is fine. Ignore the eating more to weigh less stuff. It just doesn't apply to the obese. And don't eat back exercise calories. It's a trap, and an excuse to eat more.

    Until you get close to a normal weight, throw the rules for other folks out the window. Get your protein and vitamins in to keep essential nutrition up, and keep calories low to get the weight off. Get rid of your excess weight as fast as you can. It will never be this easy again.

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    im only a a week post op but i see a lot of threads with people counting carbs and fat for my own personal diet i belive all i will eat till i reach my goal is protein and veggies i dont plan on going back to starch and carbs maybe once a month or something as a treat like thanksgivin or xmas imo this will work for me i rather fill up on meat
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    Carbs are all but impossible to avoid, and having some carbs is beneficial for you, especially when you get into exercising.
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    I turn insomniac without a minimum level of carbs. But I can usually get that much from just 1 serving of fruit and a vegetable. As an update, I am finally able to eat a bit more and it has helped tremendously with my ability to get stronger while still losing. I think I had a certain period of time where my workouts got more intense than what my food intake could provide for. But it was short lived. I can eat 1000 cals now.