What's your daily vitamin regimen?

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Just curious, since most of us have such varying surgical program layouts.

For my RNY I'm having to take:
3 Centrum Silver Chewable Mutivitamins (no iron)--Breakfast/lunch/dinner
1200-1500 mg Calcium Citrate (I usually do 2 500mg Bariatric Advantage cinnamon wafers for Breakfast, Lunch... I usually forget my nightly 250mg chewable)
1 500mcg B12 sublingual tab (usually lunchtime)
1 30 mg iron tablet (at least 2 hours after last calcium citrate, aka bed time).

After talking with other patients, I think my program goes a little overkill. Also, I need to find out whether I should have some potassium supplementation, as my daily numbers are very low.


  • garber6th
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    I am almost two years out from VSG. I started taking whole pills about 4 weeks out from surgery with my surgeon's ok. I take a women's centrum multi, 1200 mg calcium, I think 500 mg of magnesium, and I also take two hair, skin and nails vitamins. My lab work from a couple of weeks ago came back great, so it's working!
  • sinderstorm
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    Breakfast: calcium 500mg, vit D
    Lunch: Kirkland energy multivitamin cut in 1/2 to keep it from getting stuck (great fear of mine, have seen my mom go through hell with a stuck pill post RNY)
    Dinner: calcium 500mg
    Bedtime: Zyrtec, 3 biotin capsules
  • ki4eld
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    Morning (usually makes up my breakfast):
    3 Bariatric Advantage Ultra Multi Formula with Iron vitamins
    1 100mg Colace
    1 200mg magnesium
    1 595mg potassium
    1 BA Sublingual B12 with Folic Acid

    Afternoon and Evening:
    4 Nature's Bounty hair/nail gummies
    2 Healthy Delights hair/nail chews
    1000mg BA calcium chews

    Other than my salt being very low, probably from the ketosis as I tend to keep my carbs extremely low most days, everything is great according to my August lab work.
  • Cronniss
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    At breakfast time:
    10mg B-Complex Sublingual (liquid) - in either Orange Juice or a homemade fruit smoothie
    2 Citrical +D3 Gummies

    At lunch time:
    1 Flintstone Complete vitamin

    At dinner time:
    2 Citrical +D3 Gummies

    With dessert:
    1 Flintstone Complete vitamin

    And yes, I take Flintstone Vitamins. Other vitamins were upsetting my stomach, so my surgeon actually suggested taking these instead. (He's now a professor at Harvard University, in case you thought that was "quack" advice.)
  • greenbaymichk
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    My surgeon also recommends Flintstone chewables - they are working for me so far.

    I take a Flintstone morning and evening, with a sublingual B12 and Citracal +D3 gummies morning and evening.

    Also take Folic acid 1000 mg daily (to counteract the effects of medication that I take for rheumatoid arthritis.)
  • QuilterGirl3
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    Two Centrum chewables
    Five Citracal Calcium
    One 1500 mg B12
    One 65 mg Iron

    I was anemic last February and low on B12 and Iron. My dose is over what my RNY surgeon requires but what my PCP wants me on. I'm about one month post op and so glad to be back on my vitamins. So much more energy.
  • hockey7fan
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    I take the generic Walgreen's version of Flintstones Complete in the morning along with 5,000 mg of B12 and 3,000 mg of Biotin. I also take 3,000 mg of Vit D. I'm terrible about taking the calcium. I also started taking two of the Walgreen's brand children's chewable probiotics.