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Hello everyone,

So all the summer sales are here and I am stuck. To buy or not to buy. What size will I be? How have you all handled shrinking and not going to the poorhouse buying new clothes?


  • ThinGwen
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    Don't buy - you have no idea what size you'll be next summer. I've been buying a few staples. I need a work wardrobe primarily, so I just buy the basics, and when a really good sale is on, I'll buy a few sizes. Then, I'm using Gwynnie Bee (rentals) to help add some variety.
  • ki4eld
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    I'm living at Goodwill and some second-hand shops and buying exactly what I need as I need it.
  • blairmundy
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    These days I'm mostly wearing spandex capris and side-ruched tank tops. They are both stretchy and form fitting so the xxl has fit me fairly well over the last 80 lbs lost. Only one pair has gotten too big - the Under Armour brand. The Champion brand is like magic and always fits perfect. As a bonus, I've found that dressing this way makes me more likely to workout. In Texas I can do this through November and also continue to wear the capris with sweaters and dresses.

    I also get 1 pair of jeans and one pair of shorts at goodwill every time the previous size no longer stays up and just do laundry really often. I don't have to dress for work though (I work remote). I do hit some sales at Old Navy but I have to go in there knowing what I need right now, only buying the sale items and not buying anything that wasn't on my list before walking into a store.

    My biggest problem is the bras. I have to go to the specialty store to get them and they are like $80. The ones I had before no longer work, even with alterations. I'm pretty much just living in unflattering sports bras for now - at least they go with the workout clothes as well as the actually working out. At some point I'm going to have to give in and buy a new expensive bra though. Ugh.
  • Wonderwomanvik
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    I'm fortunate to have a plus size consignment store near me. They also carry sizes to 0, but they specialize in plus sizes. I've been there twice before my surgery and they have a great selection! Maybe you could find a consignment store near you.
  • pawoodhull
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    I only bought after I had gone down 2-3 sizes and then did Goodwill and resale as much as possible. Even then I bought a size smaller than I really wore. It was tight at first, but I could wear it longer that way. After the weight loss slowed down, I still tend towards Goodwill and resale shops, but now can also shop at places like Walmart. I agree with others here, don't buy ahead for next summer. The prices may be great, but what a waste of money if you are already way below those sizes.
  • garber6th
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    I also suggest not buying ahead - I bought some really cute things, and I lost so quickly at one point that I barely or never got to wear them! As I lost, I shopped at thrift stores, eBay, I bought staples like t-shirts, jeans, etc. at Old Navy or Kohls when they would have big sales and coupons. Fortunately though, I can now buy ahead a bit since my weight has pretty much stabilized, and also because I live in a climate that doesn't require me to really have seasonal clothes. I can throw on a cardigan and be ready for winter here! I love buying clothes SO much now!
  • tat2cookie
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    I've been hitting the thrift stores. Works for me! Just hit the jackpot last week and found some super cute clothes and some of them still had tags!!
  • Ultima_Morpha
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    Don't laugh...but full belly panel maternity pants have been a life saver. Motherhood has a poplin convertible cargo pant that is lightweight and comfortable. They can be worn full length it buttoned up into capris.

    I've also got a pair of denim capris from my last pregnancy that are now falling off after losing 50 pounds...but I'm considering replacing them with a smaller size.

    The panel is easily hidden by my shirt, it smooths some of the squish without too much compression, but they last awhile because of the elastic panel. I spend a lot of time running around factories for work and I need my pants to stay up!

    I had and have bought a few empire waist dresses in knit or with a drawstring which have given me a lot of mileage.
  • shrinkingkathy
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    I did lots of consignment store shopping and also bought some things on eBay. Stretchy fabrics are your friend. The nice part is you'll move into smaller sizes, so your clothes won't get a lot of wear and tear and then you can re-consign some of them and get some money back. I also found a good tailor to help me get a little longer wear out of a couple of more expensive items, like suits. Don't buy in advance. It's difficult to predict what size you'll be and for how long.
  • cmchandler74
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    Goodwill has been a godsend. I just picked up some "new" pants there last week. I don't want to spend a fortune when I have another 45 lbs. I want to lose, so I go there to minimize what I'm spending until I hit goal weight. I bought 3 pair of dress pants and two dressy tops I can wear to work along with a pair of dress shoes and a couple of workout clothes for $30. You can't beat that.
  • sinderstorm
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    I'll echo everyone else- goodwill, thrift stores, and consignment. I've lived in 4 knit sundresses this summer that have lasted despite a 40lb loss since it got warm enough to wear them. I'm a SAHM, so my wardrobe needs aren't dressy at all, but the dresses are comfortable, and have worked surprisingly well for me. They're getting on the big side, but in another month we'll be moving into cooler temps. You don't need a large wardrobe either when you're losing rapidly. Buy enough to get you through a few days, and do laundry frequently.