6 months since surgery - 102 lbs down

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6 month surgiversary! I suck at photos and have a talent for not being in them so it was hard to find an accurate before. I've got 8 more pounds till onderland! Viva la VSG!


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    LOOK AT YOU!!!! Fabulous and beautiful! Congrats!!!!
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    Wow, you've done very well! Awesome!!
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    Awesome! Keep up the good work!
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    Such a difference! Way to go!
  • Great job!!!!!!
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    You look wonderful! Congratulations on your weight loss!
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    blairmundy wrote: »

    6 month surgiversary! I suck at photos and have a talent for not being in them so it was hard to find an accurate before. I've got 8 more pounds till onderland! Viva la VSG!

    I am amazed. You look wonderful. I'd love to know the secret to your success.
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    Congratulations! I'm just 4 weeks post op and I'm wondering about exercise routines. Do you have any advice? I've been looking on pinterest bit not finding anything that I can do at my size besides walk and swim.
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    That is AMAZING! My six months was on Monday, but I was pretty much actively avoiding pictures before surgery so I don't think I have anything to post.

    You look absolutely fabulous. Congratulations.
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    You must be very proud of yourself
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    Don't knock the walking and swimming - those are my go-tos. I started out really just walking and not until week 4 or 5. I'd do 30 mins. I'd keep trying to increase the distance I could go in 30 mins. I'd walk 15 mins in one direction and then turn around and my halfway point would get further away each time. Then I decided I wanted to do a triathlon so I signed up. I could not run at that point - I only just now started running actually. But I trained in the pool and read books about swimming. I huffed and puffed through some bike rides. I kept walking. The day came and I did all 3 at once (300meter swim, 12mi bike, 2 mile walk). I finished almost last, but I finished standing. Ok, then I flopped to the ground and cried, but it was mostly a happy cry. Then I started playing indoor soccer with a team - so thats a workout I can't get out of once a week and it is something I absolutely love. I just keep doing things I like (I avoid the bike like the plague!) and it has worked. But the swimming... THE SWIMMING! It has turned out to be the best thing. It's cardo, it's stress release, is recovery... it is so much at once. Sunday used to be my day to sleep in and my husband would take the kids. Now I wake up at 630 and go to the local springs and swim anywhere from 1/2 mile to a mile in the cold, cold water because I really love it. I had no idea how much of a workout it was and how little stress it puts on your joints while still putting strength in your muscles. Swimming is the bomb.

    Sometimes I'm at the pool with the kiddo and I can't do laps. I do a variation on the ministry of silly walks up and down the pool. Also great.

    Now that I've started running, I've decided jogging and distance running are for the birds. I do 'sprints'. 20 or 40 yards at once as fast as I can go (which is pretty darn slow) and then walk back to the start. I do it on soft grass and run on my toes and it feels ok on my knee. And I have a countdown and only have to muster short spurts of energy.

    But I would say 75% of my workouts thusfar have just been me putting on walking shoes and willing myself to move at a slightly uncomfortable speed for 30 mins 4 times a week. I really didn't step it up until the 4th month when summer hit and I had more time. I walked my son to and/or from camp (1.5 miles) almost every day and it was habit forming.

    I'd imagine there are some dance-type things that are low-impact. I hear a lot about this Cize program. Some richard simmons sweatin to the oldies? I prefer a peaceful walk but video routines are a must-do for a lot of people I know.
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    amazing job, keep up the good work
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    Awesome!!! You look amazing!
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    Congratulations! You look awesome!
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    Thanks for posting that. It's so inspiring!
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    In just 6 months! You look fabulous, congratulations!
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    We had surgery around the same time, and it's really great to see you looking so good. :)
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    Way to go! You look awesome!