where do the old posts go to? how do you retrieve them

Keikix3 Posts: 42 Member
Hi, there is so much good information here and it is really helping me. Plus its great getting to read all of your ideas and feeling like I am a part of a lovely group of people. But how do you get to see the older posts...they just seem to disappear. Thanks so much


  • nowucme
    nowucme Posts: 88 Member
    On the main page where it says Discussions click on the words to the right -All Discussions. This expands the list. If you scroll to the bottom you will see a series of numbers and clicking on them brings you to another page of topics. When I first started researching I read page after page.
    You can also search for a specific topic. Click on one of the topics and there will be a series of options on the page including the word Search. Type in the information you want and you should get many results.