That study...again

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So the Dr. that ran the recent study showing greater fat reduction on reduced fat diets has responded to some of the criticism leveled at the study



  • KittensMaster
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    I do low carb with equal fat and protein.

    It works fine.

    I really don't care about a highly contested study.
  • wabmester
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    The only uncontested uncontroversial aspect of low-carb diets is the reduction in triglycerides, and that's why I'm low carb.

    The effortless weight loss was sort of a pleasant side-effect for me, but it's pretty clear to me that the mechanism is appetite suppression. For some reason that I really can't fathom, that explanation isn't popular. Taubes was right, but maybe for the wrong reasons.

    The reduction in insulin clearly helps some people. Others don't need it to lose weight.
  • wabmester
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    I just noticed that Taubes responded to the Hall study:

    It looks like Taubes is coming around to my view. :)

    Finally, what about hunger?