September Challenge - Me vs. The Binge


Well this challenge is a challenge with yourself. The challenge is for you to win in the fight against "The Binge". Many of us struggle with binging and a few of us have found that making "The Binge" a person has helped us fight the emotions or urge to binge.

So the objective of the challenge is to have more days for you (Me) than the "The Binge".

When you have a day you do not succumb to binge urges or binge give yourself (ME) a point. When you give in to the urge to binge you give 'The Binge" a point. No beating yourself up about it because tomorrow is another day. Honesty with yourself is crucial for it to help you and others.

So we keep score with ourselves the whole month. We encourage each other along the way. Please feel free to share your ups, downs, successes, struggles, etc. You will find you are not alone. See below for format. Feel free to use it or use your own format. This Challenge keeps you mindful of binging and the daily support and accountability helps also.

Check in often. The more you check and share the better you will do for the month. So are you in? You are stronger than “The Binge.” One day at a time.

Current month 2015:
Me (or you can use your user name or real name) - 0
The Binge - 0

***** ATTENTION *****
This request is not meant to offend anyone. I am requesting that people please refrain from mentioning specific foods on this particular binge thread. This is what is used in most therapy groups for BED. When I was in BED therapy in 2011 we were not allowed to mention specific foods. It could lead others to think about foods that they otherwise would not think of and can trigger binges for others. Hope this makes sense.

Again this request is not meant to offend. It is requested as a means of support and consideration for others using this thread. Please note this request is for this thread only and not for other threads within the BE Support Group.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


P.S. For more support please see below thread also: