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    Oh, I obviously missed your point. I too had some scary/nasty things happen to me as a kid, but I didn't start gaining until my 20's and really don't think for me my gain was about anything more than being a glutten, eating more than I needed whenever I felt like it and being too lazy to exercise. But I see your point. And yeah, carrying the 9mm would add a couple more pounds and translate to higher calorie burn! :-)
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    I've struggled with being touched and talked to (social anxiety) for a big chunk of my adult life. I know that I've worn my weight as a shield. As I've lost weight, not only have more people felt free to comment on my appearance (not negatively, just "hey, you're looking good!") but they *touch* me more. It's disconcerting and very uncomfortable. My husband has always been physically affectionate, but now I feel like that's increased, too. No one has done anything inappropriate (I would be very afraid if I felt someone was following me like what happened to you!), but it still takes a lot of getting used to. It can be hard to know when I should respect and enforce my boundaries, and when I should stretch myself to get a little closer to "normal" in how I relate physically with others.
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    5Beautifuldays, you have come very close to what I am feeling. I am glad to read that someone else feels like I do. I was beginning to think I was a freak or something lol It is heard when the shield comes down. Knowing if it's your imagination or if someone is really violating your personal space.

    I hate that I can not feel free to feel pretty without feeling like I am making myself more attractive to the freaks. I guess I just have to find a new way to deal with the freaks and my fears because I am not going back behind the shield. I have worked and fought to hard to get this far!
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    Not a doctor but this was a frequent and popluar topic at the group meetings I attended during this process.

    Each of us have our own personal resons why we gained weight. Treating the root cause is just as important as gaining the new "tool" our surgeon created. Social anxiety was a common root cause.