10 Days of Thanks



  • gsp90x
    gsp90x Posts: 416 Member
    I'm thankful for all the rebels. All the people who live outside the box. Those who gave me the courage to do my own things and be my own person. This applies to many areas not the least of which is this WOE. To all those who seek a path that works for them regardless of the naysayers and all those who would believe the world is flat... Thank you.
  • Chabela53
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    Days when I go through a lot of stress worrying about money and life in general, I calm myself down by reminding myself these three things:

    I have a roof over my head
    I have food on my table
    And I have a family that loves me.

    Works every time.

    ^ That!
  • auntstephie321
    auntstephie321 Posts: 3,586 Member
    Thankful I am back to low carb after going haywire last weekend. Today I didn't have a chance to eat till I got home around 5pm and felt great, that doesn't happen when I'm off the rails.

    Thankful that I woke up to a beautiful rainbow over my house this morning. (see my profile pic
  • auntstephie321
    auntstephie321 Posts: 3,586 Member
    And that cut off half my post too :(
  • TBeverly49
    TBeverly49 Posts: 322 Member
    I am thankful for my little Brother who lives so far away and his love for me, especially now that my parents are gone and my two older brothers are gone.

    I am thankful for my Doc and the Nutritionist and their helping me beat diabetes, high blood pressure, and high clorestreal (sp?)
    I am thankful for my 4 healthy children and my Grandchildren.
    I am thank for my 27 years of service for my state and have a reasonable retirement.
    I am thank for my sister-in-law who encourages me with my eating plan and does not try to sabotage me.
    I am thankful for this group. It helps to read of others who are struggling with the same issues either weight, or personal about our weight. Your all great!
  • KnitOrMiss
    KnitOrMiss Posts: 10,104 Member
    Today, I'm grateful for experimenting.

    I'd been eating my lunch earlier yesterday and today, and both days, decided to salt-and-water only fast until dinner. It has been amazing at managing my binge type cravings. I'm getting hungry now, due to having done some crazy shopping/sweating for work, but I'm thankful for my WOE to allow me to try this, to allow me to slow down on my over crazy consumption of treats, and the fact that I know I am legitimately getting hungry now, but that I can push on if I need to do so...