Monday, Sept 14, 2105

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    Good morning! I have been absent, I guess. Sorry about that, things get busy in the summer and I get so preoccupied I just don't post.
    Things are going well at the homestead (lol) my oldest is back to University, youngest in community college....things are back in routine for me and I love routine. Still running, and doing the Chalean Extreme workouts. I even changed it up a bit yesterday and did a TurboFire workout of hers.

    We are planning a trip to Europe the end of October and my focus right now is to lose 10lbs or more. Ok, so I've already lost 4.5 so I've only got 6ish left, I'm sure I can do that if I make a real effort. The only thing I have changed is NO GRAZING and trying not to snack after supper. I've been having a cup of herbal tea in the evening and thats been working. I have clothes I'd love to take with me on this trip and a few things I'd like to buy. We'll be spending some time in Amsterdam, Rome, Tuscany (near Cortona) and Venice. Hopefully a stop in florence too. We'll be gone 2 full weeks, and I cannot wait!

    Hope everything is going well with you all. :) Sorry I'm so 'on and off'
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    Hey everyone! Sorry I was MIA for the week. It has been a long, roller coaster week. I had already mentioned it being busy, which got this introverted girl almost literally twitching by Friday. Seriously. Then, on top of that, the minor leak I've had for several years finally turned into a fountain on Thursday. We never had it fixed because it's so deep in the engine block that it will be a lot of man hours to fix it. They can't even look at it until Tuesday. I called my parents to ask about borrowing their car. I had a bunch of church stuff that I can walk to, but tonight is a piano lesson that is too far away to walk to and during when my hubby is at work. They came up Friday morning, and gave us one of their cars...title and me and my hubby as an early graduation present. Apparently they have wanted to cut back to one car as they're both retired now. I cried. It's a nice car, and we can sell it and use the money to pay off the repairs on my van and debt. Or get a nicer Van (mine is a it's on it's last legs). We're checking out new vans this morning. Being in a car with three kids is a pain and take forever to get everyone buckled as they're sitting practically on top of each other, But it definitely beats walking to church and back a ton this weekend!

    So all the stress of car stuff, more technical difficulties as I tried to prep all Sunday morning stuff, and then practically day long events every single day last body started to crumble under all the stressed. I was exhausted, nauseous, etc. So I skipped most of my workouts the second half of last week and just focused on making it through the week. Yesterday I was finally able to clear my head, buckle down and catch up on a lot of chores all the events kept me from doing, and now I'm ready to get back into a normal routine. I also didn't log anything last week. It's all a haze so I have no idea how I did! I have a 7 mile run this morning, so I'm hoping that goes well. Although I may have to walk quite a bit of it! I'm also stealing Laura's idea for positive thinking and start posting every night my OGT and a Rawr moment. Hoping to improve my self talk a bit at the end of each day by doing that!

    Have a great day everyone!
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    wow, this spoke to me today:

    will be back later for a proper check-in. (teaser: walked 8mi again...took a little skin off my heel by forgetting socks. doh!)
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    Maureen, the no grazing & no snacking after dinner things are huge for me too. Even if I leave myself calories to eat something after dinner, it seems that once I start snacking I can't stop so it backfires. A friend of mine did the Turbo Fire series and really liked it a lot. Your trip sounds amazing!

    Val, I 100% get the twitching thing. That's typically the final stage before I go into a total meltdown. That's so awesome about your parents giving you the car! When my parents both retired they went down to 1 vehicle too and most of the time it's fine. The rare time there's a conflict we've got enough family around they're able to figure something else out. Looking forward to seeing your OGTs and RAWRs! I've been kind of slacking off with mine, but they do help.

    Sherry, that was an interesting blog post. I don't know that anybody ever made me feel that way except for me putting that on myself. I'm the worst when I'm around other runners. Looking forward to hearing how your Achilles did on your walk!

    I ended up taking a bonus rest/mental health day yesterday. Still not feeling totally back to myself, but I'm getting there.

    This morning I sent a message through my clinic's patient portal to the dietitian I met with asking if she could help me tweak the food plate plan I'm on to make a couple of adjustments. I need more protein than the plan is currently giving me, and my lunch and dinner are so much food I'm physically uncomfortable sometimes (breakfast I do a protein shake). I do better with smaller meals & bigger snacks. I am eating healthy and I really enjoy not tracking. My ideal would be to have her give me a list of how many servings for each food group and let me hit that as a daily target instead of having a per-meal target, so for instance my fruit and dairy can become part of my snacks instead of having one at both lunch and dinner. I also get a certain number of oils/fats a day that I just don't use so I'm happy to give those up for more protein.

    Jason tonight, plus some kind of cardio.
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    Well perfect day for me to pipe in and say how busy with move I am.

    They cleaned the house great and carpets but carpets were really wet and cool weather and rain for a few days. I went to turn on heat nothing!

    I had electricity and I called PGE weeks ago to turn things on today. Come to find out sellers turned off gas 10 days ago told no one and PGE didn't ask me for appt to turn on!

    So I was mad. They are coming tomorrow but won't be able to move in beds until carpet dry. We are at motel tonight

    Hubby says we are sleeping on wood dining floor on mattress tomorrow.

    So I am right there with everyone's crazy day!!!

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    Well, the night before school, I slept exactly 45 last night I passed out before the kids and slept all night and didn't get to check in here after all. But I got great sleep and have an hour before everyone else wakes now.

    Marla, my family actually do pretty well on their own. My parents eat great. My brother is super healthy eating-wise and exercise (he runs and cycles, and his daughter is an athlete who lives at the gym and ice rink). but my sister has been merrily out of control for some time. But when we all get together...I don't know. Yes, last year was better because I planned for the gym and a good running route. Of course not being able to run really messed with me this year. Our beach trip in the middle of my stay is what kept me from the gym, which was really stupid. I looooove the gym there but since I was there a week, then beach, then back for ??? (Determined by MIL), I just didn't see the point in joining. That was a huge mistake. But then there was also the situation with my mom. I just couldn't see running off to the gym. I was already away when I'd go to my sis's house and shopping and visiting friends, etc. I felt obligated to stay and help my dad (who was utterly exhausted by then). He has since started sleeping in another room (I begged him to) and is getting more than just a couple hours sleep and doing better, but is considering getting a nurse to come help him.

    Laura, that blog mostly spoke to me re: gym. After i spent weeks researching and visiting gyms in the area to find the best one, all the time my husband was rolling his eyes at me about being so meticulous and telling me I was just stalling, etc etc. then I join and go for a year. I beg him to join when they are having a promotion so I can get 3 free months. He refuses. A week after the promotion ends, he joins. He starts going and suddenly he goes everyday and loses weight and now it's like HE's the gym guy and how nice that he got his overweight wife to join. Grrr. Oh, and he talked his brother into joining (who lives is America... :o ) and he got in on one of the promotions to get three months free!! Grrrrrrr.

    Anyway, my walk went well. I am sore again and have blisters, but my Merrells did pretty good. I think I can use either of those shoes for walking and still heal (last year only my all stars helped). As for running....who knows. Hoping the Merrells will work eventually but I feel I'm getting closer and closer to getting Vibrams (toe shoes)--and if I do and they don't help, idk I doubt we can afford a running coach so I might be through :'(