Week Sept 14th Goals and Progress

barbhat13 Posts: 725 Member
1st week
Ok with training....only half obtained due to bad weather and a summer cold
NOT so good with mindless eating.....read and snacked unhealthy
Planned meals but did not log....gained weight as a result
This week
1. Run,bike and swim...two daily x 4
2. No snacking!
3. Find inside exercise during bad weather
4. Log!
5. Sleep!pxgb34hi0psf.jpeg


  • SweetPeasMom55
    SweetPeasMom55 Posts: 3,385 Member
    I have that cold too so I'm not up to snuff.
    I did continue to eat my vegetables. :)
    I did not find a second walking buddy yet.
    This week I am not going to pick up any extra shifts at work so I can get over this cold. :/
    I will somehow fit 2 extra workouts into my week.
    I did do well on trying to be a better person. I took a lot of deep breaths and moved on.
    So we shall try again.
  • tasmaniamo
    tasmaniamo Posts: 6 Member
    Barbhat13 - awesome planning (i.e. finding inside exercise to overcome weather). Maybe you can find good / alternative snacks instead of no snacking.... I find having a snack (fruit, almonds, etc) helps me get through the time between meals. Hope you and 2020pinktogo get over your colds.
    I'm focusing on logging and cutting out 250 calories per day!
  • Starting fresh today! :)
  • JreedyJanelle
    JreedyJanelle Posts: 645 Member
    Everyday is new. Windy here today and it is kicking something up to hit my allergies. I still plan to go to Zumba tonight! Head hurts from the allergies, but moving forward.

    Goals this week is to get 3 runs in, I am on week 9 of C25k and I want to finish it and graduate.
    Drink more water
  • lemurcat12
    lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886 Member
    Taking kind of an easy, figure stuff out week. Just trying to get back into doing more weights, improving my sleep, and figuring out the calories I should be eating (and getting over the eat whatever I feel like mode I got into with all the heavy cardio I've been doing). I am hoping to do a century ride this Saturday, but other than that taking it easier with the workouts.
  • barbhat13
    barbhat13 Posts: 725 Member
    Aggghh......injured calf tendon after wonderful trail run.....so complete leg rest for for days....except of course on my feet during 12 hr work shift.....six days till triathlon....going to try biking in the morning with short run on flat pavement.....good grief..dtsrvd2trge4.jpg
  • JreedyJanelle
    JreedyJanelle Posts: 645 Member
    I did a 4 mile hike on Sunday, 2 mile up and 2 miles down. It was 500 feet altitude so it was a good hike. It is fun to go in mountains and do something fun like that. Legs are sore a bit but feel good overall.
  • barbhat13
    barbhat13 Posts: 725 Member
    Triathlon in the morning....got partially torn calf muscle so will have to walk ....rats!!!
  • barbhat13
    barbhat13 Posts: 725 Member
    Finisher!!!! Good times for swimming....but hampered by calf muscle injury and could not run to transition area....had to ride with just weight on right leg for first 5 miles ..ran like an little old injured lady....got lots of encouraging words from other runners.....but I finished!!! Major goal for Healthy Barb 2015.....