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One of the things that I notice on a lot of bodybuilding forums (at least it seems so to me) is that most bodybuilders were either the skinny scrawny guy who bulked up or the average guy who toned down and sculpted. I don't see a lot of guys like me who were 260 lbs (I weigh 211 now) and then became a bb. I have been searching hard for advice on this. Am I supposed to focus on losing weight first...say to under 200 and THEN start toning and sculpting? Or do I start the sculpting now and say screw the weight loss? (I know some weight loss will happen with the toning and sculpting) I don't know what I am supposed to do. Obviously I don't need to "bulk up". Also, what supplements would you recommend for a fat guy trying to start? I have tried bodybuilding on and off for years, but have always had trouble with this starting point. Any and all advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

BTW I am on the 1400 cal a day plan right now.


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    I'm in a similar boat (was 211 at only 5'7"). I was debating doing a crash weight loss down to 170 or so before trying to do a lean bulk back up to 185 or so. In the end I decided to focus on body recomposition. It's slower, but as i build muscle while eating at a slight surplus, that helps me burn more fat when i drop to a slight calorie deficit. I was eating only 1500 calories when focusing on weight loss and losing on average a pound a week. Now that I'm up to 2500 calories my weight isn't going up but what i see in the mirror is changing at a fair pace.

    Supplements can be a big money sink, i am a big advocate of real food. A good multivitamin in the morning, a strong cup of joe pre-workout, and some creatine post-workout is all you need. I use whey protein and a carbohydrate drink post-workout for the fast absorption, but it's not really necessary starting out.
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    1,400 calories seem low! Double check that first. If you cut now it will give you a good base to start a nice lean bulking phase.

    I am a fellow heavy lifter and did a slow cut from Feb to August and am back bulking again. Supplement wise nothing will make much of a difference but omega 3 and a multi vitamin cant hurt.
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    If you're 260 lbs and are consistently losing weight on 1400 calories a day, you're going to need to invest in cosmetic surgery to deal with all the extra loose skin you'll have by the time you're ready to consider a bulk.

    Aim instead for a loss of no more than1lb per week (yes, drastically increase your caloric intake) and focus on macros. Look into IIFYM dieting instead of calories in/out; and aim for 1g protein for every pound of body weight you are aiming for (200, to start maybe?) and start lifting heavy to help recomp instead of just drop weight.
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    Follow obese to beast on youtube.
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    Im 280 coming from 300 5"9 ft I lift Heavy in the mornings and jog at nights at 30 minutes i wanna be a bodybuilder too not much post 4 real about fat guys turning into bodybuilders 1900 calories a day
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    I've started heavy and worked myself to bodybuilding condition. I started at 5'10 280 and then went from there to 169 lbs on stage for my 1st competition my following year. I lost my weight gradually. It came off so fast because I stopped drinking completely, cut my sugar, increased my water, cleaned up my diet and changed my mindset. I exercised 2x a day a few times a week, but mostly heavy weights and cardio. My 1st 3 months, which were summer months, I lost 50 lbs. The muscle I'd built up began to show.

    I did lots of things to speed up the process as far as supplements. I did get a good multi-vitamin but I spent more money on these because I needed more nutrients because my body adapted to the basic brands (GNC, Walmart, etc). I did a few different weight loss pills; (nutrex, muscletech, twin labs, animalstack, etc.), some helped, others were just money down the toilet, but I had to try. I was at the point where I wanted to be ready for that stage.

    Because my transformation happened in a little less than a year, I did have some loose skin. A friend of mine recommended that I try a skin shrinking cream, and it actually worked. I haven't found this product in this country since 2010, but...it may have changed names. I did take 3rd in the competition which is pretty good for my 1st one.

    So it can be done. I say, clean up the diet, be disciplined in recording your macros, eating every 3 hours, drinking your water, and a good balance of lifting some heavy *kitten* weights and cardio. BUt it can be done.

    If you wanna know some of the products I'll be glad to share that with you.
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    I'm wanting a transformation. I also want to be as strong as people "think" I am. I'm 5'8" and I weigh 222 as of this morning. I have a barrell chest which makes me not look to bad (or so my wife says). I'd love to be around 190-195 range. I'm 54 in just a few months....I have a minor right shoulder issue, stiff knees, hypetension, a sedentary job, and I'm about as flexible as an I-beam.