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Wednesday, Sept 16, 2015

maureli Posts: 722 Member


  • maureli
    maureli Posts: 722 Member
    Happy to report that I did indeed get my strength workout in last night. Today I will not do anything, and tomorrow I will run after work. That is the plan at the moment.

    April - welcome back to the wagon! Loved your inspirationals...the orange one was cute.

    Val - so awesome of your parents to do much fun picking out a new vehicle. The Honda Odyssey would be big and roomy!

    Sherry - we are both in the same place regarding 'TOM' lol I'll be taking some Tylenol with me to work just in case. Fortunately mine doesn't last too long.

    Marla - glad that you're feeling better. So cute about the cats! lol

  • FromHereOnOut
    FromHereOnOut Posts: 3,237 Member
    Marla, that really is very sweet about the kitties. I alwYs associate that rough living without appliances and stuff with early relationship kinda honeymoonish feeling. Our first apt was tiny and seemed like a dorm room and so anytime we've moved and had to live like that, it always reminded me of that time of being young and carefree.

    Maureen, good plan. I'm hoping TOM will pass quickly (the rough part anyway)--I've got too much to do and am just barely dragging around today.

    Today I felt like sequestering myself to a cave. Still having some chest problems and asked DH if we can go to the dr (I need him to translate), but idk if he has time. Picked up some vit e, to add to vit c and beet juice I'm already taking. Was able to nap after I took it, so maybe it will help. Anyway,assuming TOMcooperates, I'll go walking tomorrow, besides I have lots more school shopping to do.
  • valmaebel
    valmaebel Posts: 1,045 Member
    It feels so nice to have everyone back! :).

    Well, we tried out a bunch of vehicles. My hubby loves the Subaru Outback. It's more sporty and such...but I just can't stand having all the kids together and right next to each other. I also pointed out how much I actually haul kids around for church and such. To camps and things as well as just around town. I really need a van. My favorite was the Odyssey. We went out to dinner and hubby asked why. I tried to explain and finally chuckled. I'm an INFJ and he's basically the opposite. So we've had plenty of conversations about our different personalities and how we relate to the world differently. I finally just told him the car just felt right when I sit in it. Like it was my car. Which probably makes no wens to someone who is all about thinking and using what they can see and feel. But to someone who is all about how something makes me feel and my intuition about something, it just makes sense. Either way, we're probably going to get the it will be my car and not his. So now we have to figure out the selling of the other two vehicles, what type of odyssey, how much we are willing to spend etc. I really just want the whole thing done with as its sucking up a lot of time and energy trying to get all this done.

    Today will be another whirlwind day. I have my personal trainer this morning (not a good week for me in eating or excercising. Time to face the music on that one!) and I need to get to Costco, and I was asked to go to the District PTO meeting to represent our school (which is at noon), and I am supposed to meet with one of the teachers after school to get some info on some override election to send out to the rest of the PTO, and we have our bible study coming over for dinner tonight.

    After a week of stress eating, it's been hard to get my eating back on track. Monday was really bad, yesterday was better, so I'm hoping to be doing even better today, I'm also planning on running tonight for just a short run. Have a great Wednesday everyone!
  • Aprilfoolbride
    Aprilfoolbride Posts: 552 Member
    Thank you all for the warm welcome! It's great to be back.

    Valma, I also love the Odyssey and if I had more than one kid would definitely get one. If you want a minivan-related laugh, Google Swagger Wagon and watch the video.

    Feeling good this week. Started Monday with an AM walk, Pilates yesterday, today I'm just trying to hit my step goal, and get in another AM walk tomorrow or Friday. Also been pre-planning meals, AWESOME, even though I had a slow cooker disaster and ordered pizza last night. It was BOGO free so we're having pizza again but tonight I'm also bringing home a salad. BOOYAH!

    Also, I bought a month at a gym not too far from my house that had awesome trainer reviews on Yelp. Meeting with fitness manager to discuss a good match. I would like a patient, high-energy, professional, knowledgeable trainer certified by NASM, NSCA, or ACE and preferably a college degree in exercise science or a related field. What else should I ask for?
  • agingwithfitness
    agingwithfitness Posts: 1,404 Member
    Lol about honeymoon living! We are either laughing and joking or cussing and wishing the other would magically die off!

    Another tough day my back was hurting before Tylenol and a glass of wine. We tried to go out to japenese place for dinner 45 min wait so went to beer pub crazy crowded and its Wednesday!

    College is in session and we live near Humbokt university.

    I finally get internet tomorrow.

    Oh and we moved in pouring rain I mean cats and dogs kind. Of course when done it stopped! Lol. High school guys are moving the heavy boxes Friday. Hubby is painting pink laundry area white.