9/19 weigh in

Crua7 Posts: 28 Member
Up .8 for the week. This is the first week I was up. I lost some focus. My goal is to hydrate this week and get a workout in everyday.
If you are what you eat, then I need to eat a skinny person!


  • MicheleStitches
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    I've been away from the forums for a few weeks, but I updated my stats on the chart today. Coincidentally, I hit a plateau the first 2 weeks of September. I have been told that is quite normal for your body to plateau after you lose 10 lbs. then kick in again...especially in people who don't have a lot to lose. That is exactly what happened for me! I am down about a pound this past week and a total of almost 6 pounds since we started in August. YAY!!
  • rugratz2015
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    Down a pound, my scales don't show half pounds, but content with the result.
    Have a great week x
  • Pmckinzie
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    Down 1.2 yeah! Been losing about 1 pound a week. Which is my goal. This week I would like to focus on hydrating during my work day. I get so busy I forget. Hope everyone has a successful week.
  • caranais
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    I'm chuffed, lost 2lb last week. Have been making a real effort though, but glad my efforts showed, it's a boost to see some real weight coming off for a change. Well done to everyone else that's still here and trying too xxx
  • aamundsoncpa
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    I started eating better about 1 1/2 weeks ago and the scale moved! I've hit my September goal - yay! It hasn't been easy, but I've eliminated sugar, caffeine, processed foods and alcohol from my diet - and I'm finally starting to feel better now that my body has detoxed somewhat!

    I hope to start adding in more strenuous exercise (other than my usual walking) this week.
  • mandync5497
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    I have failed miserably. I am up 2.5 pounds!!! I have sore muscles so I am hoping some of it is water retention. My goal is to smarten up and work out 5 days a week, drink more water and clean up my eating. Wish me luck everyone. Good job everyone! Looks like everyone is doing great and seeing losses. Keep it up!!!
  • glorae
    glorae Posts: 7 Member
    I lost six pounds >.>

    I don't know what on earth I'm doing other than being under a ton of stress, but I've now hit 104 pounds down total since I started losing!
  • mandync5497
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    Wow Great Job!!! @glorae
  • Crua7
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  • WicklowWanderer
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    Well done all!