Anyone else more than 2 years post sleeve?



  • drac2you
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    This is the first time I've been back to this thread since my last post in 12/2018!! I have managed to break my stall with lots of help, but am always looking for other sleevers still actively managing their progress/maintenance as this is a never-ending lifestyle. If you would like to buddy up I use MFP in conjunctions with Fitbit - friend me!!
    VGS 10/2015, HW 284, CW 208, GW 170, 5'4", 54 yo.
  • akindofmagick
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    Sleeved 18 June 2015. 5’4”, 62 yrs. Highest weight 232. Lowest post-sleeve weight: 148. Current weight 188. Have gained most of that since changing jobs in Feb 2018. Time (past time) to get back on track!!
  • dlmciver
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    Sleeved May 2015, 64, 5'5". HW 345, LW 125, CW maintaining 139-144. I use my Fitbit and MFP to maintain this healthy lifestyle. Challenges with non-diabetic reactive hypoglycemia have increased my MFP logging.
  • emmerin78
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    I was sleeved 7/15/2013. Highest weight was 379, lowest was 270 (which, ironically, was 2 weeks after I delivered twins in 2017). Now, thanks to high stress job, parenting twin and doing a doctoral program, I'm back up to 324 and not loving it. So it's getting back on the wagon time.
  • dward59
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    I was sleeved May 1, 2013. At my highest weight I reached 475. I lost some weight with WW, but still was doing myself no favors. In late 2012 I saw a doctor who finally convinced me that I could have the surgery or die young. I was at just over 400 lbs when I had the surgery. I dropped to 275 lbs in less than a year, then stabilized, then slowly started gaining again. Moved, was unhappy at work, broke my foot and couldn't walk (2 years later, it is finally not painful where the break was) now have developed arthritis. All these things started the weight pouring back on. Earlier this year I sucked it up and got on the scale and scared myself. I was back up to 391 lbs! Since I am retired, I decided to make WL my job. I now do Water Fit classes 3-4 times per week, I have lost 22 lbs and find the arthritis in my ankle much more manageable. My goal is to get back to that 275 and then keep going if I can, but at least that weight will again be a life changer. HW 475, CW 369, GW 275.
  • Robin628
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    I just signed back into MFP for the first time in over a year and immediately came here looking for VSG old timers! I am 5'3" and at my highest was 225. I had the Lap Band in 2007, got down to 140 and then had the band removed due to erosion in 2012. Fast forward to 2015 and my weight had skyrocketed back up to 220. I had VSG in Dec 2015. I was warned I would have a tough time due to it being my 2nd WLS and they were right. I never got to my goal weight, but I have managed to maintain my weight for the past 3 years (I hover between 180-183) but I really need to lose another 20 pounds (40 is my stretch goal). So I am back on MFP because I need support and accountability!
    VSG 12/15, HW 225, CW 183, GW 160 (stretch goal is 140), 5'3" and I am 48 yrs old
  • emmerin78
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    Hi Robin,

    I'm still here, although it doesn't seem as though this board is particularly active. Feel free to friend me - emmerin78.

  • ram1960
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    Coming up on 3 Years, June 7th 2020 my highest weight was 380 lbs, lost 80 lbs on a slimfast diet but fell of the wagon and gained 50 lbs back so surgery it was, I got it down to 306 lbs by the surgery date and my lowest weight was 182 lbs, I've settled quite nicely at 190 lbs and have never felt better.
  • janflobar
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    Going on 7 years post surgery. Was good for the first 3 years. Started @ 5'1" 260lbs. My lowest was 159. Had lots of stress and family loss the past 5 years and my weight has just crept up. I am now 218. Looking for support to start trying to get back under 200. I have no deadline I am 51 years old and my goal would be 175.
  • nkac1980
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    7 years out, recently got a rowing machine. Playing around with calories, it’s been so long since surgery. It’s only been two weeks @ 1200 calories a day but I haven’t not even lost an ounce. God I hope I don’t have to go back to post op calories of 900 a day to lose. I swear the sleeve forever screwed up my caloric metabolic intake rate forever. For reference, I am 5’6, age 41, female and 189lbs
  • Robin628
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    I'm 6 years out (will be 6 years in Dec 2021). I didn't lose a ton of weight with the sleeve, but I had a lap band prior that had to be removed due to erosion and regained all the weight over then next 4 years My doctor warned me that my metabolism was wrecked and I may not see the results I hoped for with VSG...and he was right. ☹️ I was 220 lbs on my VSG surgery date, got down to 170 lbs by around month 6 but I stalled there and never lost more. I also went into menopause early a year post surgery at 46, probably helped along by the sleeve surgery. I have hovered around 180-183 for the past 3 years. So while technically I have only regained 12 pounds, I only lost 1/2 the weight I needed to lose to begin with. I would like to lose another 40 - that would get me to lowest weight while banded (140 lbs). For reference I am now 50, 5'3".

    On the plus side, I do know my sleeve still works on occasion. While I can pretty much eat anything and I feel hunger just as I did pre-op, I definitely cannot eat the quantities I did prior to surgery. I still can't eat a ton of pasta/bread/dough-y things. For example 1-2 slices of pizza and I am stuffed. I still can't drink and eat at same time (or immediately after a meal), especially if it's something carbonated like a beer. I can only do small amounts of tougher meats (like beef/steak) because anything I can't chew to complete mush has a tendency to repeat on me. This gives me hope that with the right food choices and exercise, I can lose that weight and keep it off like a "normal" person, LOL.
  • ChristyM2016
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    Yesterday was 6 years since my sleeve surgery. I had great success, lost 107 pounds. I was down to 149 and felt great. I have struggled a lot with stress in the last few years (who hasn't?) and gained quite a bit back. I do know that my sleeve still works and restricts but that doesn't really help when the candy draw at work calls your name!! I am back on track with low carb, dirty ketoish way of eating and am steadily losing again. Already feeling less bloated and more energetic. When will I learn that I don't feel well when I eat carbs...yes they taste good but they sure don't feel good!!