Any success stories on conceiving?

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Been trying to conceive for about 2 years. Have been having a hard time even when my period become regular. I just started this weight loss journey in July 2015. I know I still have a way to go. Anyone have any success stories or any tips that they may have tried or heard from someone. Anything can help. Thanks in advance.


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    I just recently found out I'm pregnant for the 3rd time this year (had early miscarriages in January and July). I'm not sure what you've been doing so far, but I highly recommend using opks (if you can, they don't always work with pcos because some ladies get constant LH surges) and tracking your basal body temp so you know when you ovulate that way you can make sure you're hitting your fertile window. I use Fertility Friend on my phone to track everything, they have great tutorials to walk you through it all. I do take a few supplements in addition to my prenatal. I take B6 and a B complex, maca, and this cycle I took bromelain tablets from 1 dpo-5dpo. The bromelain is supposed to help with implantation, so I'm not sure if that's what did it this cycle but obviously something worked! Oh yeah, and we always use preseed lubricant, it's safe for TTC and mimics your natural cervical fluids.

    As far as my weight loss, I started trying to lose weight seriously in spring 2014, then started trying for a baby that August, and had lost about 35 pounds by the time I got pregnant in January. I'm down about 45 pounds now, would be more but I'm definitely a stress eater, so the miscarriages and some other health issues from last summer definitely took their toll. I'd like to think that the weight loss helped me conceive, though.

    Good luck, infertility is a very hard journey!
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    Chiming in with my story & so I can follow this thread (hopefully for personal inspiration & to help support others). I don't have a conception success story yet, but I send you my best wishes that you will have one soon, @kaysday ! I'm ditto-ing on @mimismommy11 's suggestion of trying the Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPKs). My doc is having me start those this month, too. The Basal Body Temping (BBT) doesn't work that well for me because I'm like trying to wake the dead in the morning :sleeping: , and my doc said she thinks the OPKs are a bit better in her clinical experience. This doesn't HAVE to be super-expensive to do. My doc suggested that if you have a friend who has already bought a monitor & isn't currently using it, then borrow it & just buy new test strips. OR, I got this kit off of Amazon that has good reviews, which is a few months worth of OPK & pregnancy tests (although it's a bit gross to have to pee in a cup instead of on a stick...I'm all about saving $ in this process).

    My story: I started this weight-loss journey in mid-May 2015, and so far have lost almost 45#. We've actively been trying to conceive for the past 6 months, and I was diagnosed with PCOS in July 2015. (but we hadn't been preventing potential pregnancy since 2010, i.e. no BC measures...does that make sense? We were hoping for a natural "yay, we're pregnant!" moment that never happened in those 5 years...).

    I'm currently on Metformin 1000mg ER b.i.d, and supplementing with a complex b-vitamin, multi-vitamin, and 2 g. of myo-inositol b.i.d. I'm also on a reduced carb diet (max 80-90 g carb a day, but currently stepping down to a max of 40g/day, because my rate of weight loss is better at those levels).

    This regimen regulated my periods within the first month,'s amazing considering I typically had to induce a bleed every 3-4 months with progesterone before, and my prior doctors did nothing about trying to figure out why, but I never pushed to find out why either. For the first time ever I'm showing the physical signs of ovulation, but this will be the first month testing for with OPK & labwork to verify that I'm ovulating. In another 3-6 months, my doc plans to add in Clomid as long as my weight loss proceeds at a similar rate.

    No personal success yet...but fingers crossed for soon.

    @mimismommy11 I send you best wishes for a LONG and healthy pregnancy with this little one! I can't imagine the stress & emotional pain of miscarriage, let alone multiple ones. You'll be in my thoughts!
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    Hi there,

    Both times I managed to conceive were after I had lost about 20 lbs with diet and exercise. Weight loss normalized my periods and ovulation.

    The first time I was on Metformin 1000, the second time I wasn't on anything. I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies as well as incompetent cervix (cerclage to prevent it).

    Good luck! And remember, nothing is impossible!
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    Another of our ladies is pregnant now, following two recent miscarriages if I recall. She just made it out of her first trimester. Hopefully she'll pop in soon. Progesterone supplements early on seem to have been key to this pregnancy "sticking" as she called it.

    I myself have miscarried, and I immediately got pregnant again and didn't know for months. I was high risk because of that. It took me some time to conceive, but no where near as long as some. I did not know, though, that I had PCOS at the time, so I don't know what I did to help with it...
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    I forgot to add, I was on progesterone supplements both times during the first trimester.
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    My hubby and I tried for 5 years to have a child. Luckily our insurance paid for IVF so that is what we did to get both of our children. However, before the IVF we had done in office inseminations due to my irregluar periods. I would get pregnant and then miscarry. The docs didn't do anything special. Well, when I went to the fertility doctor, and finally was able to do the IVF after much workup, the procedure for that is 2 weeks after the procedure, they do an ultrasound so see if you are pregnant and when you are they start you on progestrone supplements suppositories. That worked in my case with both of the kids. However, I got pregnant 3 more times on my own without IVF but miscarried due to not having the progestrone suppositories. I ended up having the doc (I have moved to another State) remove both tubes and one ovary so I would stop getting pregnant. IT was too emotional. My kids are now 15 and 13. I would have liked to have had more but moved, changed jobs and no longer had the insurance and the doctors (when you are a new patient) do not always want to listen to you about your medical history even though you know it better than anyone else. When I first move, the doc didn't believe me until the 3 pregnancy and gave me oral progestrone and that didn't work. I believe the supposotories are the best! Good luck.
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    oh and after I had the kids, my periods are regular like clock work. Although I still have to really watch my weight. And I did become gestional diabetic during my second pregnancy but it went away. I keep a close check on my A1C.
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    I posted this on another thread but here it is again:

    Oh a place to tell my story!

    I was dx with pcos at 12 or so, put on BCP for years. Came off them due to some family issues I wont go into and got pregnant at 16. Lost the baby around 6 weeks. Didnt get my hormones checked because I was not familiar with pcos and the side effects back then. At 17, I moved to my Dad's and went to an Iridologist (a guy who dx stuff based on the discoloring of your iris) and he dx me with milk and wheat sensitivities and pcos, along with a couple other things like a major ulcer. Put me on Vitex and told me to keep my milk and wheat to a bare minimum. At 19 I got pregnant with my daughter. She is now a beautiful 18 year old woman. I also never had my hormones checked back then, but loved being a single mom!

    Fast forward a few years, we move to Indiana and I meet my now husband. As of today, we've been married 7 1/2 years, got married when I was 31. We stopped my BCP right after we got married because 1) we wanted kids badly and 2) I had a cancerous breast lump. One of the lovely side effects of the estrogen based bcp when you already have high estrogen from pcos is breast lumps. Had 14 removed over my life span starting at age 15. So with a cancerous one, they take you off any form of hormonal bcp. We ttc for a year and got no where. Saved our pennies to go to a fertility specialist and hubby's got 'Homer Simpson' sperm and I've got pcos. They told us we'd have a better chance of being hit by lightening than by conceiving naturally.

    Started taking better mulit vitamins, Metformin and 6g of Inositol a day and went Keto because I heard it was better for pcos. Less than 6 months after starting Keto, in July of 2014, we get a BFP! So excited and in disbelief! Didnt have insurance that would test my hormones and was having very bad cramps so went to the ER twice. They refused to test my progesterone even tho I begged them, because by then I'd read up on pcos and knew low progesterone is a HUGE issue with getting the baby to stick to the uterine wall. By the time I got a doctor to see me and test my levels, it was too late. At 7 weeks pregnant my progesterone was only 2.5 when it was supposed to be over 20. The baby never attached well as my slow to rise HCG showed. I miscarried naturally at almost 11 weeks.

    Heartbroken, in deep depression and feeling like I'd let everyone including my husband down, i kept up keto, some weightloss and kept taking my vitamins even tho I thought that was our 'one lightening strike'. What are the chances of getting struck by lightening twice?? Looked more into pcos for my own health, figured starting menopause with decent hormones was good. I started taking Vitex at 1200mg a day, and EPO for the first half of my cycle. For the first 6 months after I miscarried, I took a bio-identical progesterone cream the second half of my cycle. Then i stopped because it seemed my ovaries got the memo and started producing progesterone on their own after years of not. Stayed on the vitex and epo tho. Keto seems to have helped hubby's sperm. When we retested a few months later, all his markers were quite improved.

    Well July of this year, I got another BFP! Very faint as it was 4 days before I was supposed to even start my period. Called my reg doc who i'd talked to before and had agreed to test me as soon as I got my bfp. Went to the lab that afternoon and got tested. My hcg was 73 and my progesterone was already 20.2! My reg doc scrambled to find an OB to take me without pregnancy insurance while I applied for pregnancy Medicad. They found a doc who would work with me, got in the next day and she put me on progesterone pills, 100mg 3x a day as a precaution. She didnt think i needed them because my progesterone was already at a very good level but too much progesterone cant hurt. She felt better safe than sorry. Ive been to the ER twice for bleeding but that is because I have a subchorionic hematoma. The baby is growing fine, measuring 2 days ahead each ultrasound, but it is sticking! I am 11w1d right now and on bedrest because of the SCH but baby is doing fine.

    I know what I went thru and what I did wont work for everyone. I am 38 and will be 39 when babe is born. I am about 250 lbs, have Rheumatoid Arthritis along with another auto immune disorder. There is hope! Ive seen quite a few ttc boards where women got pregnant and it stuck using Vitex, EPO and Progesterone cream, so I know my success is not unique. Ive also seen a lot of women on those boards work with a RE and go the clomid/femera route and have success. They've also used progesterone after a BFP until 12 weeks to help the baby stick. If you are TTC, keep up hope and dont give up!

    Update: I am now 14w5d pregnant. Off the progesterone. My sch has healed, my fibroid has disappeared. Baby measures on target and his/her early anatomy scan came back clean yesterday.
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    I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was trying to conceive around 2008. I had come off Depo Provera and my period never started back up.

    After some tests (and many futile months of trying to lose weight and get my period back on my own), I was found to have PCOS with insulin resistance and was pre-diabetic. I went on Metformin, which helped me lose weight and get my period starting again. I conceived naturally after about 2-3 months on the Metformin. I actually had continued to lose weight while pregnant, which my doctor was okay with, since the baby was healthy and I had a bunch of weight to lose. I ended up going off the Metformin somewhere around the middle of the second trimester, though, because I was having issues with nausea that was pretty clearly caused by the Metformin.

    Because I had had a miscarriage previously, they monitored me closely, and I had ultrasounds every few weeks during the first trimester and early second, but didn't need to do anything beyond that. I ultimately had a healthy pregnancy, though needed an "augmented" labor, because labor wasn't progressing like the doctors wanted. I was not impressed with that (they threatened either pitocin or c-section), but my son was born healthy in 2010.
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    I don't have a very long story, but I do have 11 year old twins. I got married to my ex when I was 22, but had suspected since I was a young teenager that something wasn't quite right with me. I'm pretty sure at 19 I got pregnant and then miscarried soon after - but there was so much bleeding that the pregnancy test couldn't get a good read on the urine. So that was scary. Then after we got married I told him that I wanted to start trying for kids as soon as possible because I was afraid something was wrong and it was going to take forever. I was pretty right - when I went to the doc I was told I had PCOS. I was 22 or 23 I guess. My ex had what he called 'blockheads' for sperm - they were actually round instead of spear-shaped so they'd bounce off any egg I "might" produce. So, after that was determined they skipped me over all of the other trying methods (insemination at the office, drug therapy, etc.) and went right to IVF. The drugs you take when going through that produced plenty of healthy and viable eggs, so they let them grow in the lab longer than usual. After probably 5 days (I think) they were down to 3 viable embryos and it was time to implant. So I came in and they did an ultrasound to check everything - but I was terribly hyper-stimulated. My ovaries were blown up to the size of small oranges so they had to cancel the transfer and freeze the embryos. Otherwise they'd have to put me in the hospital. So, they froze the 3 and after the swelling went down, and I had another round of drugs to get me ready for implantation, they thawed 2. One didn't make it so they thawed the 3rd and put them in. And now I have my dynamic duo. One boy, one girl - I love science.
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    I've conceived 4 times in total. I actually get pregant fairly easily. Usually within one or two cycles of trying. I chart my BBC and check my CM, and I used OPK's. I can tell when I'm ovulating pretty's really painful.

    But I don't have 4 kids. I have one. My DS is 14 months old. I've had three losses. 2 before my son, and one after...just recently. I had two blighted ovums before my son. After him I had another. About a month ago I lost twins at 7 weeks. One was a blighted ovum and the other one had a heartbeat but was measuring a week behind.

    What was different about my son was that I took inositol for a few months before I conceived. I saw an RE and found out I had PCOS (which I'd known for a while without an actual diagnosis). I ovulate late in my cycle and my cycles are long. I took Clomid and had an IUI and I conceived my son.

    It takes 3 to 4 months to improve egg quality so that might be why I conceived him on the 3rd Clomid cycle. So maybe the inositol did help. But I think the Clomid did too. And the progesterone I took for the first trimester.

    Either way I'm not going to TTC without Clomid again.
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    I lost 20 lbs before we started TTC. I was also charting in advance (TTA initially) so I knew I had only ovulated 4x in 13 months and I did have a good feel for my fertile signs. I went for a preconception visit and for various reasons the gyn decided to put me on Clomid right away. I conceived my second cycle (50mg, CD5-9) and gave birth to healthy twins 9 months later. I wasn't wild about the increased chance of multiples but I had a hard time imagining it actually happening to me ... and then of course it did. But thankfully I still had a healthy full-term pregnancy and once we got through the first 3 years, it wasn't so crazy and now there are more advantages to having two the same age. ;)
    Best of luck to you!
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    Once we decided to start trying, I was immediately hustled off to a fertility clinic because of my age (I was 36 at the time). After failing to produce any follicles in the first two attempts, the doc did a "hypercycle" which included self-administered shots in the abdomen. It worked. And with a strict regimen of progesterone suppositories, I was able to keep and grow her. She did experience some distress after about 6 months and ended up being about 7 weeks premature, but she was huge (for a preemie) and healthy and now I have a 3 year old who steals all my mac and cheese.

    I went the totally science route and absolutely do not regret it. I was also shocked at how inexpensive it was. We had to pay for the attempts (there was a special that month, which was disconcerting) but the meds had gone generic and insurance picked up things they initially had said they wouldn't.
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    I thought you ladies would like to know -- I promoted this post to a sticky and added it to the "Start Here" sticky, because it's such an encouraging thread. :)
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    Thanks Dragonwolf! I'm inspired by this thread right now. I hope to add my own story before too long!
  • I'm adding my story here because I hope to BE a success...someday. Hubby and I have been trying since 2013. I quit BC and had already been on Metformin so stuck with that and prenatal vitamins. After 5 months of that, doc prescribed Clomid because my cycles hadn't regulated and I clearly was not ovulating. Clomid didn't work and it was an unmonitored cycle so after one round I went to an RE for a consult but they won't start treatment until I get my BMI down. So, I'm working on that now. Hopefully I can get there this year, because I'm impatient as hell and being benched is kind of heartbreaking. Fingers crossed for you!
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    My weight is totally not a success story right now since apparently when I'm breastfeeding I want to eat all the things, but I did want to hop in here and provide some hope.

    I had been diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 and had pretty non existent cycles, so I knew that conceiving would be a challenge. When DH and I were ready we immediately went to the RE and were prescribed Clomid, I didn't respond well and didn't ovulate. After several cycles we stopped for a while.

    Fast forward a few years and my biological clock was definitely clicking but I definitely wasn't having enough cycles myself to conceive. We went back to the RE and this time were subscribed Femara. I ovulated on all 4 cycles of it and conceived my first using it. During his pregnancy I ate well and 2 weeks after his birth I was 30lbs down from my pre pregnancy weight. Buuuut, over the next year I slowly gained it all back. When he was about 16 months old I got serious, joined Curves, tracked my calories, lost about 45lbs in about 5 months. With the weight loss, I found as soon as I weaned #1, my cycles returned (although a little long) and I conceived #2 a month later.
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    I was able to conceive using metformin as well as clomid. I got pregnant the 2nd month of using the lowest dose of clomid so I consider myself very lucky. I just had my baby in September and she is just perfect. I did have gestational diabetes and I am now pre-diabetic. So I'm working on getting back to the healthier lifestyle that I had been working on before I conceived to be a healthy example for my daughter.
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    HealthilyEverAfter, our stories sound very similar! While my RE doesn't require I get my BMI down before he starts treatment, after 3 months of unsuccessful cycles, I'm motivated to get my BMI down to give this treatment a chance at working. I'm 28, and my hubby and I have been TTC naturally since 2013. We've been with a RE for 3 cycles. 1st was Clomid, I ovulated but did not get pregnant. 2nd was Clomid and injectables, but cycle was cancelled because follicles didn't grow more than 10mm (need to be about 18mm to ovulate). I'm on my 3rd cycle which will probably be cancelled again because while I have multiple follicles, none have developed into the dominant one. My doctor suggested ovarian drilling surgery, but I'm hesitant about undergoing surgery when I could try to lose weight and up my chances. Anyone that needs an accountability partner, add me as a friend, we could motivate one another! I lost 30 pounds in the few months I did MyFitnessPal last year, but lost my motivation. Looking to start this thing up again and make 2016 the year we get our baby!
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    Hello ladies! I've just come back to MFP after having my baby boy in June! My husband and I started ttc in August of 2013. I got off of BCP in August and gave myself a couple months to see if I might have a period naturally. I did not, so I took Provera to induce a bleed and started taking 1500mg of Metformin in October of 2013. I had varying degrees of success with my periods on Metformin but I was never regular. In August of 2014, my obgyn did some tests and diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. I started taking 50mcg of Synthroid at the beginning of September 2014. In October of 2014, I got my positive pregnancy test! I had a wonderful pregnancy with no major issues.

    Also, in addition to the Metformin and Synthroid, I started prenatal gummies when we first started ttc. I also used opk strips. I used the cheapo Wondfo brand from Amazon and they worked great. I also used hpt's from Wondfo so I could take as many tests as I wanted and not have to worry about cost.