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I have been a TOPS member for over 10 years. I had gastric bypass surgery on May 20th. There have been about 4 people in my group in the past who have had the same surgery. There have been a few who have had lap band surgery also. Now all of a sudden that I have had it, they are saying I can't be the best loser for the week. Also that I may not be able to be in the games. I don't think they are being fair, they never did that before. I have been the treasurer for the last 4 1/2 years and I think I may just quit. They have really hurt my feelings. I just wondered how other groups do it for their gastric bypass members. I thought the only place it mattered were for the annual awards, both locally and state wide. Anyone who can tell me how their group does it, please share. :sad:


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    I do not know too much about the rules....I do know that there are different divisions for surgery members. Also, I think that the rules for your Chapter on these matters needs to be in your chapter bylaws...which should be gone over once a year when the new board members take over. So look over your bylaws....if they are not in the bylaws, then your chapter should go over those issues and change the bylaws. Hope this helps.
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    You should probably ask you area captain and regional director for advise on how other groups have handled the question. I am pretty sure our club would want to keep you in the group and support you. It was a big decision to have gastric bypass and you need to keep a positive attitude and take care of yourself. Our group just redid the by-laws and we didn't think about the possible gastric bypass of a member.