From Gary Taubes facebook post by Dr. Jason Fung - It's the insulin!

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Definitely "food" for thought - a very interesting article.


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    Not all carbohydrates are equal. But of course.

    LCHF is sustainable, imo, the Pritikin is not, at least for me.

    And it IS all about the insulin. Except when it's not. The ketogenic state has many benefits attached to it that are not solely related to insulin levels.

    Great read, btw.
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    Very interesting read indeed! Thank you for posting the link and sharing!
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    Sadly we still have to learn a lot more about how the human body deals with inputs from all sources. At this point in time to me I see humans are basically managed by hormones and our understanding of epigenetics has not occurred yet.
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    Interesting. Thanks for this. If you know me at all you know that I strictly limit refined carbohydrates, but not vegetables etc. This is a great discussion.