Daily Intake Poll for Post-Op Folks

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Just curious:
How many months post-op, and what do you average for your daily calories v/s what calorie limit hast your Dr/NUT given to you?

I'm almost 4 months out (7/8 S.D.). I have been sticking to 650-700 calories per day. On the weekends it can be a lot less, as I tend to forget to eat. At my 3 month check-back this week, the Dr has suggested that I bump my daily intake to 1000-1100 calories. That seems very high to me. I'm concerned by this for 2 reasons. The first being that if I up my calories that much, is it going to slow my loss? Secondly, it's hard enough to try to get in 700 on most days. It's really hard to get in 80-100g of protein.


  • martabeerich
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    I'm 2.5 months post op (sleeve), I average 500-600 calories/day. My Dietician said calories weren't as important as what I eat, but said 1100 if I needed a number. Also, she said the physical amount was important. Until month 6 no more than .5 cup food at a sitting. Months 6-12 months no more than .75 of a cup. At a year, no more than 1 cup of food at a meal. (At home I eat out of measuring cups.)
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    Definitely need to be getting close to 1000 in at 4 months post RNY or VSG. By the time I was at that stage I was probably at 800-900. I am now 3+ years post RNY and most days I am between 1300-1500 for maintenance. I can eat about a cup to a cup or a tad bit over at a sitting. Anything over1500and I see a gain. The 80 grams of protein is not going to be achieved with such a low calorie diet unless you live on high protein shakes and/or Greek yogurt. I still add those in now and then, but mostly focus on lean meats for my protein.
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    Seven months and 900+ calories, hitting approx 100 grams of protein a day and anywhere from 50 to 70 grams of carbs and 30 grams of fats, approximately 1/2 food per sitting and still drinking one shake per day...and still losing :) you need to keep upping your calories and macs to keep your metabolism burning or you will stall yourself by moving into starvation mode...it's okay if you don't hit it right away but definitely try to up a little you need to retrain your little tummy :)
  • jenean52
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    7 weeks out from sleeve. My nutrionist set goal at 900 cal. PRO at 60-80 grams. 64 oz of water. Hard to get enough PRO and water, usually not both.
  • ki4eld
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    10.5mo post-RNY and I still get 800-1000 a day. I don't stress if I go over, especially on days where I'm more active than usual. I also don't stress if I'm under. As long as I'm hitting my protein goal, I leave it alone. I don't eat unless I'm hungry and I don't overeat. If that means I'm under or over on my calories, then I am. I refuse to stress about it. I trust my medical team and I trust the process.

    I hate it when my dietitian tells me to carb cycle, because I'm happy at 15-20g. But I do it because I trust her. I hate the calorie cycle days too. But I do them because they're the pros and their record speaks for itself. If I couldn't trust their judgment afterwards, I shouldn't have had them do the surgery.
  • nilklynn
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    I was sleeved 7/13. I'm between 800-1000. Occasionally more if I've worked out and am hungry.
  • tat2cookie
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    I'm 10mo out and I get between 600-800 cal
  • boncharlie
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    I'm 3 weeks out from sleeve and having about 400 - 500 cals and about 40 - 60 grams protein.
  • TN_Tinker
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    I am a little over 6 months out and my NUT has me at 750-950 calories and 100 protein. Sleeve.
  • loveshoe
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    I'm 9 months post opt and I average 800 calories per day. I asked at my last checkup at 7 months post opt and was told not to exceed 800 calories per day until I got to my goal weight. It seems low to me but it's doable and with careful planning you can meet your protein requirement and have 3 balanced meals. I drink one protein drink per day for my snack. I log everything that passes through my lips. I also log the day before so I can tweak if I need to so I don't exceed my calories.

    It does not matter what we are all doing you need to follow your doctor's orders. I read everything here and on other blog sites but when it comes to what I do, I follow the doctor's guidelines. If things go wrong I don't want to have to explain to him that I chose to ignore his guidelines and follow something I got off the internet.

    Good Luck!
  • murphyraven
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    I am 9 months out and my calories are at around 1500 as recommended by my nut.
  • crepes_
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    3 months out and my recommended intake is 800-900, 60g protein. There are some days when I break 1000, and some days when I barely break 300. I'm still getting the hang of it.
  • pawoodhull
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    I am 4.5 years out and my nut bumped me to 1,200 calories per day. Still 70-90 grams of protein and now more than 100 carbs, but better less. I'm probably still under eating per the nut, could be why I haven't lost anything in a year. Follow what they tell you because the truth is they know.
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    I'm 5 months out from RYN. My nut recommended 800 cal & 60-80g protein when I went for my 3 month post op appt. It's working for me. I suspect they will move me to 1000-1100 at my 6 month appt. The weightloss did slow down after I hit 81% loss but I'll just hover for 2 weeks then drop 5lbs the next week.
  • velbing
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    Just under 3 weeks post op and nut. has set goal of 600-800 cals for this next month on pureed foods. I'm still lucky to hit 400 most days.
  • Briardlady
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    I find it fascinating that whenever this topic comes up, on any site, there is such a huge variation in what each practice recommends. I think that is one reason people get concerned/confused about what is the "right" way to keep going on this journey. My program set no calorie goals, just protein and water, and follow the rules. But if I was told 400 or 1200 calories, I'd be questioning it!

    I'm three months out from sleeve surgery, eating about 650 - 750 calories per day. I can easily eat a cup of food at a sitting. I hope to stay under 800 until I hit goal. That's absolute calories, I do not eat more for exercise, no matter how much active time I get. I was surprised the last time this came up, when I looked at some food diaries, there were people eating twice what they had said, because they were subtracting exercise calories.
  • Warhawk79
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    I am 21 months out and maintaining with 1700 to 1900 a day. I had RNY. While I was loosing I found when losses slowed it was time to raise calories. I always stayed under MFP recommended and lost. It worked for me. Lost nearly 175.