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    I haven't had problems with emotional eating in a very long time.. Lately I am eating because I'm bored. Eating because i'm sad. Eating because I want to. This was spurred by being very stressed last week. I haven't been under that amount of stress in a very, very long time. And now I feel like I'm out of control. I have lost 45lbs and don't want to start gaining, but I feel like I can't stop myself. :( I need some help getting back on track :(

    Do you have an unattractive photo of yourself at your highest weight? Put it in your wallet or in a discreet place on your cell phone and look at it every time you're about to undermine yourself.

    I haven't thought of that! Definitely doing this!
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    My self-sabotage: Diet down, don't eat enough to lose comfortably and overexert self to starvation to help speed process, binge in anxiety to make up for huge loss of energy, regain some of weight lost. I jump into things too fast and have to remind myself to pace it out and slow down.
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    recently things have been moving forward in a positive way. i discover thst at each new opportunity i lash out at myself with a whopping big binge.. last night included.. i see a therapist, i try to connect with feelings so i dont eat them, but i do. i feel the binge hangdog hangover now - thats to be expected. going forward, it seems i need to be on the look out for good progress as well as crisis for my binge triggers. it amazes me that after so much self reflection and effort to change, and after losing 134 pounds, i am so completely helpless when in the grips of my beastly addiction. so humbling and so painfully degrading. and for what? because i had sonething great happen and im scared about it? i dont understand why that would make me eat uncontrollably. it makes no sense and yet it is a well established pattern. any fitness pals here have any insight on this? feeling clueless..