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How many times...

mandabrett Posts: 139 Member
How many times will I have to restart? Well tomorrow is a new day! I am precooking meats and prepping veggies today! Tomorrow there will be no excuses! I hope that the 33rd time is the charm.


  • mfrankrn
    mfrankrn Posts: 48 Member
    I'm restarting too! Good Luck
  • mousie1973
    mousie1973 Posts: 438 Member
    yup i am restarting too... feels like the millionth time....
  • cmarangi
    cmarangi Posts: 131 Member
    Consider it a progression instead of starting over.....we all live and learn. :-)
  • cindytw
    cindytw Posts: 1,027 Member
    I ask myself the same thing every time!! "Moderation" people will say it is because this is not sustainable...but it has to be for me because I don't feel good on a regular diet! Junk does not agree with me, though I love it so...but really I love it for a moment before I start to feel like crap!! For me, I need extreme measures to kick me out out the bad habits. I did a cleanse diet, you could even do a Whole 30 for even a week to snap yourself out of it. Eating great and getting nutrition goes a long way to stopping junk cravings!
  • TS65
    TS65 Posts: 1,024 Member
    I have an all or nothing mindset. I can't tell you how many times I have started over. As said above, live and learn. One thing I'm learning... It's a hell of a lot easier to say no to that temptation than it is to have to hop back on the wagon.
  • brennerjlb
    brennerjlb Posts: 720 Member
    Same boat - same story. It is so frustrating sometimes. But then one must think. What if I stopped starting over. My health/weight would probably be much worse. We must keep on keeping on. Keep learning from mistakes - we will do it!
  • colorsatdawn
    colorsatdawn Posts: 4 Member
    Yep, starting over too. These posts reminded me of meditation...when you're trying not to think about the past for the future (only the present), and you take a breath in...and boom! you're already thinking about how much longer you have to meditate. You reset, and breathe out, and then you start thinking about dinner. And on it goes. I am trying to be patient and enjoy the present, rather than berate myself for what I screwed up yesterday that requires me to start over again.
  • JinksE21
    JinksE21 Posts: 77 Member
    Don't think of it as "restarting"...think of it as learning! Did you learn why you chose to go off plan and think about how you can avoid or deal with that challenge if it comes up again. This is a WOE (Way Of Eating) and there are going to be mistakes. It's what you do with those mistakes that count! ;)

    I have learned a whole lot in the 3 years I have been trying to follow the Paleo/Primal WOE and I am still learning just not as often anymore! :)
  • norcogrrl
    norcogrrl Posts: 129 Member
    edited December 2015
    Batch cooking is my savior. Every weekend I do up all of my meals for the weak. I only probably spend around three hours cooking, and everything gets frozen in individual servings. It takes less time to heat things up in the microwave than it does to make a box of Kraft Dinner (what is known as "Kraft Macaroni and Cheese" everywhere but Canada, I think).