Easy Way To Determine How Many Carbs You Can Eat

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It's called a Blood Glucose Meter. Anyone can use it, even normal non-diabetic people. You can get one at Walgreens for 10 dollars and measure yourself after meals to determine how high your glucose is spiking. High spikes mean more insulin being pumped in your body, which in turn makes you hungry and stops your body from burning fat. Too high, means damage is happening inside of your body.

Truly normal people, my guidelines
The numbers below are what I go by because from all my readings, they represent what a true non-diabetic normal level insulin level should be. Also, you don't want to see any number below 70. That's bad.

Under 120, one hour after eating, after the very first bite you take.
Under 90, at 3 hours after eating and for the rest of the day or at least until you eat again.

AMA Guidelines
The AMA has set standards for non-diabetics but these numbers are a bit high because they include people who are insulin resistant or, predictable. The numbers are below.

Under 140, two hours after eating, from your very first bite.
Under 110, after an 8 hour fast.