What are your diet and fitness goals during this challenge?



  • 2020pinktogo
    2020pinktogo Posts: 3,445 Member
    exercise daily
    eat within my calories
    stay positive
    When it comes to work just go with the flow
  • rkosol
    rkosol Posts: 1 Member
    My goals:)
    Complete my diary every day
    Exercise or at least 60 mins each day
    Stick to my calorie range
    Avoid eating when bored and after dinner
  • thom2369
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    J3inOTT wrote: »
    Just joined today. I am refocussing on heath following a back injury!

    My goals are:

    1. Log every day
    2. Cardio 3x week
    3. Swim
    4. limit sugar
    5. Mst importantly - Do my back exercises every night

    Wow love your goals! Does swimming count as your 3x a week cardio? Make sure you are diligent to take care of your back. Good luck.
  • j116325
    j116325 Posts: 7 Member
    Hello all! I just joined. My goals are to not go over my calories and lose those 15 lbs!
  • kts1988 wrote: »
    My goals are similar to many of yours:
    1. Log daily
    2. Stick to 1500-1600 calories/day
    3. Eliminate eating after dinner and emotional eating
    4. Continue exercise routine and a (mostly) paleo diet

    My goals are similar to yours. I struggle with emotional eating in the evenings. I am feeling overwhelmed right now as work and personal committments have kept me from a regular routine. Lots of eating and not the exercise I am used to.
  • lesliewynn14
    lesliewynn14 Posts: 130 Member
    my diet and fitness goals are:
    1. exercise 5X every week, adding more challenge to my routine each week
    2. keep my calories at or under the goal of 1200
    3. don't go above on the sodium, this has been a consistent problem for me, I can manage the sugar, fat and carbs just fine. It is making me focus more and more about steering away from processed foods and restaurants.
    4. log my food before I eat it so I can think about it and adjust if necessary
    5. loose a total of 60 pounds, so far I've lost 18.2 of those in the last 50 days
    6. my non-diet/non-fitness goal is to wear my wedding ring again, my fingers got too fat!
  • radhaganesh
    radhaganesh Posts: 1 Member
    Hello Everyone,
    My goals are
    1. Workout 5-6 days a week
    2. Jog for 20 minutes non stop
    3. No junk food or mindless eating
    4. No Sugar other than fruits
    5. Make sure to eat enough protein ( as I am mostly Vegetarian :))
  • candicelh79
    candicelh79 Posts: 42 Member
    Ugh my main goal is to stop falling off the healthy wagon! It's so frustrating loosing the same weight over and over. My goals for this challenge are to..
    1. Lose 15 lbs (of course)
    2. Finish my current running training program, this month. Then begin a new one at the end of this month or beginning of Juanuary.
    3. Cross train at least 4 days per week.

    Can't wait to see how everyone does! All of us WILL meet our goals!