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  • martabeerich
    martabeerich Posts: 195 Member
    I remember the magical thinking when i weighed 400 pounds that if i just lost weight and got to be a "normalish" weight then I would be happy. Then I lost enough weight that I can be considered "normalish" and I'm amazed at the PROBLEMS that's caused. Mammograms have found lumps because I don't have any fat in my boobs now. Right now I have an enlarged lymph node that is being watched, because I felt it and it's bulging out. I have skin hanging. Where is this bed of roses I thought it would be? AND! I would not change any of it. I feel healthy and active and for the first time I don't live in a weight-induced shame spiral. But everyone has real life problems and joys, fat or thin or in between. That's the reality I need to remind myself of occasionally.
  • risskie
    risskie Posts: 203 Member
    I love Melissa McCarthy. Her role in 'Gilmore Girls' solidified her talent. When she was on G.G. I heard nothing about her weight, only her talent. When 'Mike and Molly' started and her co-star exceeded her size, media said the show wouldn't last. Well, it lasted almost 6 years. A tribute to her acting and good writing - but now the media is saying no one could identify with the over-weight main characters. Not sure I believe that. Currently, Melissa is losing weight and I haven't heard if she's gone thru GBS. I wish her well. I'm hoping good health won out over media pressure. She is so talented!
  • AngieViolet
    AngieViolet Posts: 232 Member
    I love her!!!! My husband and I are frequently called "mike and Molly". Hahaha!!! He used to be a cop too. People kept telling us that we needed to watch the show, so we did some binge watching and realized that we lead parallel lives. Sooo funny!