So pumped to get to Onederland!



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    Awesome job every one! I did it in September was great to be back ones. But it's now been tough to get out of the 190s! Like I'm stuck here. Just sound this group so hope we can do it together!!
  • bluenoser38
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    Slow and steady wins the race. It can be frustrating some days, as a weight loss of one to two pounds a week doesn't always show in the mirror (which is why it's important to share and celebrate victories). I'm planning to take my 90 day photos this weekend, and I know that I will see a difference overall.

    Big picture goals and rewards might help, too. I have worn glasses since I was child, and while I am grateful to have my eyesight I'll admit that they can be annoying (fog up when you come in from the cold, awkward when doing activities like yoga, and just plain irritating to have to reach for them in the night to read the alarm clock, etc). Yesterday, I visited a LasikMD clinic for an assessment, and I have scheduled my surgery for April 9th. This will be my five month anniversary on MFP, and I am hoping to be at 35lbs lost by then.

    This is a huge reward for me, and I'm feeling super motivated.
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    This is so exciting! Gets me pumped to make it there! I was so close then fell off the wagon.
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    cobwebel wrote: »
    It has been at least 4 years since I've been below 200. As of today 36 pounds down and finally in Onederland!



    good for you
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    ewoksrule3 wrote: »
    bluenoser38 - congratulations! I would say that even if the doctor's scale is more accurate, you'll be using yours more regularly, so I personally would go with what your own scale says for purposes of tracking. Just my opinion. :)

    use your own scale just test it with something that is a set weight to see if accurate i used 10 potatoe bag.. doctors are not always right
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    You look fantastic!!!!!