2016 Goals-A-Gogo!

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Nobody else did it, so I'm just going to go ahead and take the plunge. ;)

I have a crappy track record with being the first to state my wishes (but then again, I just have a bad track record, period), so let's make these achievable, shall we?

Lifting/Fitness Stats (all in lbs):
- Squat 220 (current 205)
- Bench 165 (current 145(?), have done 150 in the past)
- OHP 105
- Deadlift 300 (last tested 250, I've done 270 in the past tho...)
- Unassisted chin-up (again. No, seriously. I WILL get it this time!)
- Wall kick-up to handstand
- Master the MONKEY BARS and CLIMB A ROPE!
- BONUS: Fix my shoulder and hips (that's mobility/core/rehab work, but where else would it fit?)

Body stats:
- 33% BF or less (current: 39%)
- 185lbs or less (current 200 give or take 3lbs from holiday food baby weight)
- hips below 40 inches. If that's even possible with my body *pokes butt and watches it bounce off like jell-o*. (current: IDWTK)
- 13 inch biceps... Wait. Nooo I'm happy with all 12 inches of them xD Seriously don,t need my arms to be bigger than they are! lol

Running stats:
- 8 min mile (agaaaaain)
- 30 min 5k (it CAN be done!)
- Run a 10k. (no specifics here. I just wanna do it for some weird I-hate-running-but-I-think-I-hate-myself-more reason)

- Finish editing the novel I was supposed to work on the past like 3 years but always takes the back seat
- Rid myself of the pre-workout drink addiction thingy. Also ween off of caffeine a bit
- Better sleep. Moar sleep.
- Put myself first a bit more, learn to say no
- Start meditating daily, and stick to the journal-ing thing

So, I think I'll print this out right here, right now, and stick it in the mirror of my bathroom so I see it every day, read it every day, and keep striving for awesomeness. NO MORE COMPLACENCY and NO GIVING UP!


  • Fittreelol
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    Oooh I want to join. I forgot to post my 2015 goals in SL last year.

    Lifting goals:
    -Increase squat 25
    -Increase paused bench 15
    -Increase deadlift 25
    -And I'm stealing krok's chinup one. That sounds fun.

    Body goals
    -Get into the 181 class AND STAY THERE. Since I like to cut for meets then waltz back up to 195. Sitting around 200 now after holiday fun.

    -Pay off my car
    -Dean's list for my last 3 terms of school
  • christch
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    Goals for 2016
    - increase DL to 85kg for at least 1RM
    - increase bench to 50kg
    - increase front squat to 70kg with good depth
    - drop bf to below 20%
    - find a bikini for next summer and wear it
  • andylllI
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    I just want to increase all my lifts a little and not get injured...

    Lifts: all pounds
    Back sqaut my body weight.
    Front squat 120 for 5
    Dead 180 for 5
    Bench over 100 for 5
    Pull ups BW x10
    OHP don't care :D

    Other exercise
    I need to improve cardio frequency but no firm plan yet
    Core core core! Add 2-4 exercises to every weight session
    Static stretching after every exercise session
    I'd like to learn to do a handstand.
    I need some kind of plan for getting back to the climbing gym....maybe sad lonely bouldering with headphones. It would be good if I could figure out a way to do that 2-4 x a month
    The long term plan is to try skimo racing. Husband is keen. But children are too small.

    Body composition:
    Same weight +/- 5 lbs but leaner as evidenced by shrinkage of left over baby bump/ mom pooch

    Drink more water and less coffee. I'm capping myself at two espresso shots a day
    Increase emphasis on produce at home and at work
    Develop easy consistent meal rotation for the family.

    Organize the garage

    That's my year in a nutshell. I hope.

  • fanncy0626
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    Stronglifts Goals 2016

    Squats- 150+
    Sumo Squats 135+
    BP - 105+
    BR - 110+
    OHP - 80+
    DL - 175+

    Goblet squats- 45+
    Russian swings- 45+

    Walk 5 miles/day, 5x/week

    SW - 200+
    CW - 147
    GW - 125

  • hufflepie
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    I'm new! Started 5x5 a week ago after taking a break from NROLW (5x5 is a lot simpler, and takes less time). :smile:

    Lifting Goals(in pounds):
    -Squat 190. I'm currently at 85(still gaining pretty quick), and I don't know if this is doable in a year, but I'm going to try.
    -I don't have any goals for the rest of 5x5 yet but that might change as I get further into SL.
    -Be able to do normal freaking push-ups again.

    Health Goals:
    -Get below 150. I'm currently at 154 down from 191, so this should happen soon.
    -More than weight, reduce BF%. I'd love to hit 20, I think I'm about 28% now.
    -Start tailoring my diet to fight/prevent MS problems that might come up.

    Running Goals:
    -I also want to get a sub-30 minute 5k. Currently hovering around 36:30ish.
    -Run 10k.

    -Pay off my credit card debt.
    -Start saving money.
    -Take all of my vacation days.

  • Ariadnula
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    edited January 2016

    Squats: 1.75 x bodyweight - I'm calculating that at 82kg, but see the body weight goals below! Current 71kg
    OHP: 25kg - current 21kg
    Bench: 40kg - currently hovering around 30, so might be too ambitious...

    Otherwise: 10x chin ups - current 5 max, on a very good day


    Get back to 103/ 47kg from current 107 (note: I'm only 1.48m tall, so those numbers aren't as alarming as they might sound!)
    Bodyfat: I think my current is 27 so - 24?


    40 miles twice a month


    still deciding on these. Continue Chinese? Do a drawling class? I don't know...
  • Sumiblue
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    Lifting goals-
    work on better form
    keep up PHUL schedule
    6 chin ups-currently can do 4-5

    Do some?
    Try to get my step count up

    Finish my art commission
    Go out more-with husband and girlfriends

    Lose those damn 2 lbs to hit First Goal
    Get Bodpod test
  • lynseya83
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    Think i will join in! Then i'm accountable for my actions! eek!

    I'll start on Body:
    Like to quite reduce bf% - my scales (possibly inaccurate but reliably so!) say 42.5% fat.
    I'm usually 86-87lb lean mass according to them.
    I would like over the first quarter of the year to focus on reducing fat and maintaining lean mass as much as possible.
    So... to maintain this, would like to try and reduce my %bf to around 35%. With calorie deficit. Going to give intermittent fasting a bash from tomorrow.
    April onwards: will reassess but would like to concentrate on increasing the lean mass + increase lifts.

    Do stronglifts for the year.
    Slightly increasing weights lifted over the first quarter of the year, keeping good form and strengthening tendons and core etc. April onwards increasing lifts as much as poss. Think my biggest difficulty will be OHP and rows.

    All kg, and 5 x 5 reps (or 1 x 5 for deads). Body weight 68.5kg.
    Squats: Currently 60kg. Increase to 70kg by April.
    Deadlifts: Currently 47.5kg, but not pushing myself on this yet. Would like to get to 80kg.
    Bench:Currently 32.5kg, increase to 37.5kg
    OHP: Currently 25kg, increae to 30kg.
    Rows:Currently 35kg, increase to 40kg

    Will look at end of year goals come April.

    Got a weeks surfing holiday at the end of march: have fun and don't hurt myself!
    Organise wedding this year
    Would like to do lots of camping/hammocking - would be good to achieve a 'microadventure' each month.
  • kimiuzzell
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    Ooh, liking the idea of a "microadventure" each month!!

    My list is still work in progress.... Will post soon!!
  • DawnEmbers
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    Okay, here is my list of things for the year that I hope to not forget too often.

    Squat 1.5x body weight
    Deadlift 2x body weight
    Bench 125
    Try new things (yoga class, barre, kayak, *see list for details*)
    Run in a half-marathon.
    Continue lifting weights cause it's awesome

    Blog every month at least twice
    Finish North West and Boys Read Romance
    Submit novel query to agents
    Either edit a novel or start Aeon Fading rewrite
    No new novels until November

    Life, etc.
    Monthly goals (try to gear some to help with year goals)
    Take one day off work for rest and me focused stuff.
    Get out of comfort zone (fitness and more)
    Work on career either in company or elsewhere.
    Try to make payment on a student loan (pay off small one, in particular)
    Enjoy life

    I'm so close on the squat one. 195 current 1rm. Even if go with highest weight, though plan to drop down some in the next few months, I'd need 210. Seems plausible in a year. Deadlift, we'll see. I didn't go to failure on last max test but won't test again for a while. But year time frame makes it seem possible. Bench is hard to say. I'd like to one day get up to 135 but think it will be a while so we'll see if I can even add over 10 in a year to my max. Not sure which I'll hit first on that, 135 or body weight, probably body weight. Writing goals, always stuff to do there. Some of the life ones are a little generic but I want to basically try new things. I have the obstacle run planned, need to sign up for half-marathon when it's available but also want to do things like kayak. Hoping to travel a little and take some time off this year in summer to visit my sister. Career wise, I like the store I work in but need to aspire to more so I'm trying to reach out. Need a few references then I'll be in business for applications. A lot to do but hopefully 2016 will be the year to get things done.
  • kimiuzzell
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    Here goes - it's all a bit "fluffy" but:

    Get stronger and stay relatively injury free.
    Workout consistently, taking breaks only for holidays and when absolutely needed. Don't make excuses for not working out.
    Increase weight on all lifts
    Work on good form
    Don't get stressed if it seems that I'm not improving quick enough
    Don't give up.

    Get my in-tray cleared by Friday each week.
    Organise my diary at work better
    Generally get my head down

    Eat relatively healthily most of the time. Enjoy food, but don't stress about it. Be aware of what I am eating but without obsessing over it.
    Drink more water and less caffeine
    Enjoy time with my husband, children and friends.
    Look after skin, nails, etc better - create a routine!
    Declutter at home - sort out wardrobe, cupboards etc. Ditch what doesn't "work" anymore!
    Stay happy, smile lots, be confident in who I am.

    Workout new household budgets that are workable.
    End the year owing less than I do now.
    End the year with more in savings than I do now.

    It's a bit of a strange one this year - my husband is taking a career break in a month's time, with no real plans for what happens next. He's not retiring (yet) but definitely taking a bit of time to chill and catch up with other stuff we've not had chance to do. Many of our plans for the year will depend, therefore, on how long he decides to take off before he gets bored, and how stressed I get myself over the finances!

    As I type this, I am very aware of my back hurting a bit, so don't want to put pressure on myself to set targets for certain weights, hence my very vague fitness goals. As time goes on, these may well become clearer in the monthly goal threads.

    I've been obsessed with the scales most of my life. So no weight goals for me this year - I'd like to end the year no heavier than I started, but my priority is my size, fitness, and confidence to wear certain clothes etc.

    Happy New year everyone!
  • bluefish86
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    Long term goals:
    I'm moving at the end of the month... so firstly, I'd like to find a gym near me.
    Get back into doing yoga regularly (I'll have more room in our new place, so no excuses).
    Continue strength training 3/4 days a week.
    Tough Mudder in August. :grin:
    I'd like to lose 5lbs before my birthday in March. 10lbs before my family visits me at the end of May. 15lbs before tough mudder in August.
  • Sumiblue
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    Lose those damn 2 lbs to hit First Goal
    Get Bodpod test"

    Lost those damn 2 lbs & reached my goal weight-woohoo!!

    I'm going to call about the Bodpod today
  • canadianlbs
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    i feel like only 18 months of lifting doesn't give me any kind of realism about what my goals ought to be. there isn't enough past-progress data to base a meaningful projection on.

    but anyway. i'll leave my current details here to look back on at the end of the year so i can see what the differences are. these are lowball numbers, i.e. the weights i feel consistently confident of being able to do even when i've got some kind of gremlin i'm trying to work round.

    weight: 138 lbs. agh.
    squat: 75lb.
    bench: 70lb.
    ohp: 50lb.
    rows: 65lb.
    dl: 120lb.
  • Llamapants86
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    Squat 200 lbs
    Deadlift 300 lbs
    OHP 100 lbs
    Bench 135 lbs
    All are 1rm goals. I think they are all achievable (squats might be questionable)

    Other Athletic Things
    Obstacle course in June. I just want to complete and have fun.
    One damn pull-up
    Run more

    Get to my 130 lbs goal weight
    Keep my control on my binging

    Make $2000 on photography services (I have about $1000 worth booked already)
    Finish my 365 photo a day (on day 32 right now)
    Rush less
    Check on my yearly goals before December 2016
  • mirrim52
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    Get below 110 lbs and maintain at 105-110 lbs.
    Keep lifting. Go twice a week most weeks.
    Survive A-team bouts :P Be a primary jammer for our B team.
    Climb 5.10s
    Do an outdoor climb in the summer or fall.
  • tiffanylacourse
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    Hello everyone! :)

    My 2016 goals:

    Get under 150lbs (Currently at 202, but am 8 weeks postpartum. Was 175-ish pre-pregnancy)
    Fit back into a size 10 or lower jeans.

    Commit to SL and stick to it!
    Bench press at least 135 (Big Girl Plates)
    Do 5 regular push-ups (currently can't do a dang one!)

    Cut out soda
    Drink more water
    Slowly improve overall nutrition (more homemade/fresh - less frozen/canned)

    Pay off at least half of credit card debt without racking it back up
    Family vacation - either FL or TN
  • JesmineDNCS
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    Am fairly new to SL - will post my goals here though
    Reduce bf% - my scales say 37.5% fat, would like to drop to 30%.
    Reach my goal weight of 62-65kg. Am currently 72.5kg
    Will reassess as necessary as I've never been lighter than 70kg, as an adult!

    Do stronglifts for the year.
    Increase weights but learning and keeping good form, more importantly.

    Squats: Currently 25kg. would like to get to 70kg
    Deadlifts: Currently 25kg. Would like to get to 80kg.
    Bench: Currently 20kg, would like to hit 50kg
    OHP: Currently 17.5kg, increase to 30kg.
    Rows: Currently 25kg, increase to 50kg.

    Do 5 normal push-ups
    Do 1 unassisted chin-up!

    Get more organized at home and at work.
    Get more quality sleep.
  • DeadsAndDoritos
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    Hi! I really want to join you in setting these goals.

    Reach a healthy BMI, which means losing 12 lbs (doesn't sound like much but I struggle)
    Reduce body fat percentage to under 30% (currently 35%)

    Continue to log every day
    Try harder to stick to calories and macros

    Continue to lift 3 times a week
    100kg 1RM sumo deadlift (currently doing 70kg for 5 reps so around 80kg 1RM)
    1 unassisted chin up (I am doing negatives and band-assisted)
    10 push ups (I can do one just now)
    Learn to squat with proper form (ugh, my squat sucks)

    Finish my MSc
    Stop wasting so much time online
  • klrenn
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    I'm not sure what reasonable goals are, so I think I'll put my "pie in the sky" goals down and see how close I can get.

    I'd like my bench 1rm to be 135lbs

    I haven't tested my squat 1rm yet, but I'd like my working weight to be 150lbs

    Deadlift 200lbs

    OHP 95lbs

    I want to get serious about running again and go sub 25min in a Dec 5k race. (My best a couple years ago was 27:20)

    My non-fitness goal is to not lose money this first year with my new photography business. Gotta book sessions/events and get my pricing right.