January 2016 Goals: Start it off with a bang!

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Long term goods are good, but to get there you need a road map: short term goals time!

1. Be below 195lbs by the end of the month. Shouldn't be *too* hard.
2. Do yoga and some LISS form once a week each. Especially when I miss my daily walk due to weather (will try not to let that happen)
3. Go ice skating at least once! (if the weather allows, I guess?)
4. Spend at least an hour a week on my novel. Better start out easy

Let's have a kick-*kitten* month gals! :)


  • christch
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    My goals:
    1 increase bench,DL and front squat by another 5kg
    2 drop another couple of %bf
    3 decide whether I'm going to stay with what I'm doing or go with PHUL.
  • andylllI
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    Reduce coffee consumption!
    Consume 8 servings of fruit and veg a day

    That's it. Better sleep hygiene is my biggest priority.
  • fanncy0626
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    Lose at least 2 lbs this month -> 145
    Focus on eating 40/30/30 macro split especially protein
    OHP increase to 60 lbs.
    Work on form for other lifts
    Kettlebell increase weight to 30 lbs for mid month second round of 5 week program
    Swim 2xweek
  • hufflepie
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    -Squat 130 lbs. by the end of the month.
    -OHP 50 lbs.
    -Would like to lose another 4 pounds to break 150, but don't know if my body will cooperate while I'm getting more serious about lifting.
    -Run 2x a week.
  • canadianlbs
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    general: left shoulder a semi-hot mess, rib much better.
    - stop hunching left shoulder. levator scapula needs to chill.
    - sleep on back at least part of every night. not aiming for 100% here.
    - planks planks planks planks.

    benchmark weights today: squat 85, dl 120, press 45, row 65, bench 70.
    most recent 'healthy' benchmarks: squat 95, dl 140, press 60, row 75, bench 75.

    do 5x5 front squats every workout, even if with light weights. do 5x5 rows every workout, even if with light weights.

    i just want to work on getting that core engagement/bracing thing a) correct and b) correct a more consistent amount of the time. sometimes i 'get' it and sometimes i'm trying to, but lord knows what i'm actually doing.
  • DawnEmbers
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    So many goals. I'll do the monthly ones first as I'm still figuring out plans for the year. This month is focused on a few things.

    1. Write 100+ words a day on YA novel.
    2. Drink around 80 oz of water a day.
    3. Get caught up on contest and things ready to get back in action.
    4. Track food on a consistent basis and use food scale more often.
    5. Keep lifting on PHUL and jog 1-2 times a week (+ add one new lift for obstacle prep).
    6. Get new shoes for running and gym.
    7. Instagram challenge (pictures and hashtags)
    8. Post 4 blog entries, at least one in DE and 2 in F&F.
    9. Send in 5 job applications (not retail).

    Trying to be mostly specific with the monthly versus a little more generic will come with the year goals. I considered upping the writing to 250 but like the 100 minimum cause some days I get barely over and others I can write a few hundred or thousand. The instagram one is a challenge posted in the forums that I decided to take part. Just need to remember the exact hashtag and to tag the person who created the challenge when I post away from home (as have the list of days on laptop). Slacked on my water in December so getting back with the program there. No specific lift numbers. Might decide when to try max on bench and squat again since I'm close to 115 and 200. Also looking into a couple things but we'll see how the month goes work wise cause we might drop down in hours but never know cause we're short staffed slightly still so might work a lot still. Never know.

    Posting now so I don't add more to the list cause it was going to be 7....
  • bluefish86
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    edited January 2016
    Just started ICF, so I'm going to continue with that until the end of the month.

    I've gained a few lbs over the holidays, so I'd like to lose at least 2lbs by the end of the month.

    I'm also logging my food again... I didn't log over the holidays as I was in the backwaters of Wales, so I'd like to get back into the habit.
  • kimiuzzell
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    Ok, so having to rethink my January goals - I am supposed to be off on a ski holiday next week and had worked everything around that, but we have had to change our week until later in the season, which has thrown me somewhat!!


    - lift consistently 3 times a week.
    - start and finish stage 3 of NRoL4W
    - don't worry about increasing weight (due to ongoing back urggghhh) but concentrate on maintaining and improving form
    - increase cardio slightly....simply because I want to not because I need to
    - don't make excuses
    - improve number of assisted pull ups

    - get myself more organised so that I can take the extra time off to ski at the end of the tax year, which is normally my busiest time, and the least appropriate time for me to be out of the office!

    - work out a new household budget
    - make meal plans from the oodles of food items we have in the freezer and cupboards, keeping spending to a minimum
    - declutter at least one draw or cupboard in the house.
    - keep my nails manicured and establish a skin care routine.

  • Ariadnula
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    That's a shame about your ski trip, @kimiuzzell - must be a let down! And ha, I've been trying to establish a skin care regime since I was about 13. Not happening! I'm too dozy in the morning and too tired at night...
  • kimiuzzell
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    Yeah, I'm 45 and still sleep in my make up most nights!!

    I'm gutted about next week as we were supposed to be visiting my daughter in Switzerland... But conditions are poor and the hotel advised switching to another week. But we will get there eventually!!
  • bmele0
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    I've been sick for almost 2 and a half weeks, I haven't been able to kick the cough and congestion. I've been taking it easy and I'm on antibiotics. I feel sort of weak. I didn't gain any weight during the holidays, but I didn't lose either. I'll call that a win. Lol I want to feel strong and happy again!

    For January

    1. Lift 3x a week, start slow and work my way back up
    2. Cardio at least twice a week
    3. Lose another 1-2 lbs this month

    For the year- I'm calling it my continuing resolution that I started about 2 1/2 years ago to lose weight and keep muscle. 121 lbs down, so I know I can do this, it's just slower going now.
  • BethAnnieT
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    January goals:

    1. Do SL5x5 three times per week.
    1a. Get back up to the weight I was doing before the holidays.
    2. Do plank 2 times every day in January, starting at 30 seconds Jan 1 and add 1 second per day.
    3. Jog at least once per week.
    4. Drink 5 bottles of water per day.
    5. Play volleyball 2x per week.
    6. Eat consciously... meaning, no Mindless eating, or I'm Bored eating, or This Popcorn Is Right Here I Better Eat It Before It Eats Me eating.
    7. No candy in January.
    8. Walk during my work day, at least 3 times, at least 10 minutes each.
    9. Limit going out to eat to 2x per week. (down from our usual 4-5)
    10. Fiscal Fast in January -- no spending that is not absolutely mission-critical. I do this every January.
  • bmele0
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    BethAnnieT wrote: »
    January goals:
    5. Play volleyball 2x per week.

    Rock on! I play volleyball as well. I was in a league, but I only get out to play drop-in Friday nights now. I play for hours though :smiley:
  • DDHFree
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    Consistently eat at calorie deficit and do "aWorkoutRoutine" program CONSISTENTLY for 6 months.
  • Llamapants86
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    I am hoping to finish up (almost) 2 cycles of Smolov JR by the end of January with a recovery week in there (I am currently at the end of my first cycle)
    By the end of January I should be squatting 135lbs for heavy triples and benching 105 lbs (also heavy triples)
    Continue logging accurately for my TDEE calculations and enjoy my last month of maintenance before switching back to a cut.
  • BethAnnieT
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    bmele0 wrote: »
    BethAnnieT wrote: »
    January goals:
    5. Play volleyball 2x per week.

    Rock on! I play volleyball as well. I was in a league, but I only get out to play drop-in Friday nights now. I play for hours though :smiley:

    Yeah!! I'm not doing any leagues now. I do drop-in on Tues and Thurs at lunch... for at least 2 hours per. I look forward to it all week. In the spring, I'll be able to go on Saturdays too, for outdoor/grass. Love!
  • dcresider
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    Happy New Year everyone. Goal to lose 10-15 lbs. this year or about 2 lbs a month. I think that's doable.

  • mirrim52
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    Get below 110 lbs.
    Get back to "normal" - 2-3x week derby, 2x week lifting, 1x week climbing, bring the kid climbing 1x week. Reset the habit.
  • taxgirl1
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    My January goals are:

    Do 5x5 3 times per week
    Would love to lose 3lbs, not sure if this possible...trying not to get too stressed out about the number on the scale
    Would love to be able to do 10 regular push-ups, I have very little upper body strength
  • tiffanylacourse
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    January Goals:
    1. Lose 5-8lbs (I'm 8 weeks post-partum, so this is definitely do-able)
    2. Establish my workout routine and stick to it
    3. Drink a minimum of 80oz of water per day
    4. Log ALL food/drinks - no matter how good or bad!

    I guess that's all I can think of right now. :blush: