Keto cinnamon roll pancakes-SO yummy!

noclady1995 Posts: 452 Member
I had to share this recipe I found through Pinterest and made it tonight for my breakfast tomorrow. I tasted it and it seriously tastes just like a cinnamon roll! It's definitely a little more time-consuming to prepare than I normally like breakfast to be. But I'm keeping it on the roster!!


    CMYKRGB Posts: 213 Member
    Thx! I'm going to try this one.
  • SamandaIndia
    SamandaIndia Posts: 1,577 Member
    Looks dangerously good! I just had a loaded hot chocolate for breakfast, after getting bored with eggs, bacon or nori wrapped avocado prawns or tuna for breakfast. Thanks for another inspiring idea.
  • bluefish86
    bluefish86 Posts: 842 Member
    Those look amazeballs! Thanks for sharing!