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jenovatrixjenovatrix Posts: 219Member Member Posts: 219Member Member
Is anyone else using this meal planning site? I've been using it for a few months now and love it but I find that their calorie counts and MFP's don't match up. The MFP recipe importer doesn't work for that site so I'm inputting the ingredients manually. MFP comes up with a higher calorie count, but the way I look at it, better to overcount than undercount.

Anyway if anyone is using it what are some of your favorite meals, and has it expanded your palate at all? I've had some Thai recipes that I really liked and I've never been a big fan of Asian food (NOT ENOUGH CHEESE!) :smiley:

My very meat-and-potatoes boyfriend is a fan of the recipes too. If only I could get him to use a fitbit... :smirk:


  • Hearts_2015Hearts_2015 Posts: 12,133Member Member Posts: 12,133Member Member
    Hey There :smiley:
    What meal planning site are you using? Spill it girl tell me what's working for you? :D

    Oh...also tell me which fit-bit you use and how much you love it, I'm still deciding on which one to buy. I'm leaning toward the Alta but... do share! Your bf is missing out it'd be great for you two to both have one and do challenges in fun etc. I bet he'd love it once he had one and wore it! :#
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