Week 3 help!

215jenn Posts: 110 Member
I know I'm not super far into the program... but I completely blew week 3 day 2. Tried it yesterday, the temp was only 80... and I ran slow, but I didn't make it through the first 3 minute jog or the second 1.5 minute jog. Any advice? Back to the indoor track?? I want to be able to do this outside, but I just felt AWFUL.


  • btsinmd
    btsinmd Posts: 921 Member
    Is there anyway you can run earlier in the day? The warmest temp I've run in was 77F and that was hard. Since I'm in Maryland and it's hot and humid, I've been getting up and out as soon as I possibly can. It's fun to run and see the sun come up. :) even if the getting up wasn't so fun.
  • 215jenn
    215jenn Posts: 110 Member
    Might have to try that. It was only 7 LOL!
    My day off and I decided to sleep in a bit from my usual. I'll have to give it ago in the morning.
  • kimstwin
    kimstwin Posts: 136 Member
    I live in Florida. I'm doing the program outside at night or I wake at 0600 to do it. If the sun is up all the way, forget it.