2 yr surgiversary...

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Today is the 2 yr anniversary of my having a VSG. I am very glad I made the decision to have the surgery. I lost 135 pounds and kept off all but 10 pounds-- I think that is pretty good.

A lot has changed for me besides the obvious (weight/size). I eat very differently than I did before surgery. I used to hate veggies. Now roasted rutabega, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower are some of my favorite things to eat! Exercise is practically a daily activity now and I find myself tending to want to eat foods closer to their natural state (not finding processed food nearly as attractive as I used to- with the exception of cake. I will ALWAYS love cake!).

Some things haven't changed. I am still kind of nuts about food and my body/size/weight. I restrict sometimes (eat way less than I should) because it feels powerful to know I am hungry and choose not to eat. Other times I eat less during the day so I can binge on junk at night without gaining. I have some days when I am "normal"- I eat well and take good care of me. Right now, I am thinking a lot about the 10 pounds I have gained in the last 6 months. Sometimes I am very determined to take it off. Other times, I don't really care-- because compared to where I came from, an extra 10 pounds is really no big deal.

I don't know where I am going with all of this except to say that I remain a work in progress. I still give my weight too much importance with regard to my self worth. I still spend too much time and energy focused on food/diet stuff. I was hoping having the surgery would free me from food/diet obsession-- it hasn't-- but the degree of my obsession varies, so I guess that could be seen as improvement? I am not sure what the solution is. I do not know how to just "live" and not worry about counting "stuff" (calories, carbs, whatever). Hopefully that is on the horizon for me in this next year.

As always, I am grateful for the encouragement and support I get here! Smoochies to everyone!! <3<3<3


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    Thank you for this honest assessment of your health and body two years post surgery. I feel very similar about a lot of things. But overall things are MUCH BETTER than prior surgery. <3:)
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    Thaeda - as always much gratitude for your honesty and being there for all of us <3 I too look forward and hope that one day I won't be "counting" and able to live and not obsess, but for now it works and it makes me feel better and in control so....for the first in a long time I am happy with it too, as you said next goals. I was just saying to someone the goal lines move but I look at that as a very good thing. You are always an inspiration to me, thank you <3
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    Love you and you great words! Love your mentality too! Congrats!
  • Thaeda
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    MistyHiker wrote: »
    Love you and you great words! Love your mentality too! Congrats!

    Love u 2 honey!!
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    Congrats, Thaeda! I follow your posts closely, as you regularly put into eloquent words some of the struggles we all face, often with a completely fresh take. I wish you the best as we trudge, skip and/or dance our way through the new world of maintenance!

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    What a great post! Congratulations and Happy Surgiversary!
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    I think you are amazing and are an inspiration to me :) Way to go and happy surgiversary!!!
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    Thank you everyone!! I am feelin' the love and encouragment!! :)
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    You look amazing! I understand the obsession, and the natural foods! I cook more, eat more veggies, and don't spend the day mindless eating! 10 pounds or not you have come so far!
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    Happy surgiversary, Thaeda!