Group for Men

jkquinn13 Posts: 203 Member
Hey there, looking to create a support group for men over 40, over 50 etc.
I have lots of female friends and it's great but need some men who are going through their fitness journey.
I'm 49 from Ontario Canada and on a mission to hit 199 by April


  • Graymanstole
    Graymanstole Posts: 257 Member
    It would appear that I meet a good number of those criteria, feel free to add me. I am also trying to get (back) to 199 and actually stay there this time instead of bouncing back up over the 205 number.
  • rusgolden
    rusgolden Posts: 1,337 Member
    Feel free to add me... I'm 48 (will be 49 in April). I lost 50 lbs in 2015 and want to lose a few more... goal to get to 200 and maintain and re-assess.
  • Spanner_2
    Spanner_2 Posts: 1 Member
    Add me please, I meet the requirements!
  • Demed70
    Demed70 Posts: 28 Member
    Count me in, 45 and I need to lose about 25 lbs. Currently active with cycling and starting Crossfit.
  • jccreager
    jccreager Posts: 1 Member
    Add me to the group. I'm 45 and trying to get to 205
  • Rogsman
    Rogsman Posts: 106 Member
    I'm 48, started when I was 45 and am approaching 1,000 days of MFP logging.

    My routine includes both body building and cardio.

    Would like to add more 40+ onto my friends list (M/F welcome).
  • seepersaud
    seepersaud Posts: 5,759 Member
    could add me
  • kikecruz
    kikecruz Posts: 1 Member
    Was this group for men ever created?
  • seepersaud
    seepersaud Posts: 5,759 Member
    Been a few weeks and I haven't heard anything so probably not