Goals for the next few months

tdh1991 Posts: 511 Member
Gluten free vegan lifestyle for me. I already eat pretty healthy but I would like to make a few more changes to my diet.

I want to make sure I reach my goal of 1lb cooked and 1 lb raw vegetables daily. So, I started green smoothies for breakfast instead of oatmeal. I have been getting my raw vegetables in, now I need to increase the amount of cooked vegetables I eat and make sure I have cooked greens every day. I also, want to limit my starchy carbs to min. portion of sweet potatoes, and/or squashes. I want to try and rarely eat gluten free bread products, popcorn.

Down 50lbs only 15 to 20 lbs to go.

Hopefully this group will pick up one of these days.


  • afgirljen
    afgirljen Posts: 1 Member
    Hey! I'm new to being vegan and think what you're doing is amazing!