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Friday January 29, 2016

maureli Posts: 722 Member


  • maureli
    maureli Posts: 722 Member
    Morning all

    Just finished my Hammer Speed workout. Lol I have to kind of laugh at the names of these. This one was the least challenging of all that I've done from this program. so....I did some Turbofire Lr body band workout and her abs as well.

    Today we are in for storm, and my son has just left University to come home for the weekend. I "think" he will kind of be ahead of I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Its a 3 hour drive so should arrive around 2:30. I'm planning a turkey dinner tonight. Yumma. I will just refrain from any gravy.

    Marla - glad that the bench came out all sounds kind of nice, the classical music and friends!

    Sherry - good news about the leg problem, I hope you have figured it out

    Val - just a few pounds up over Christmas to now is not bad at all. Hope you are not getting sick!
  • FromHereOnOut
    FromHereOnOut Posts: 3,237 Member
    Marla, I'm glad the bench issue is over and you had a nice time doing it.
    Maureen, hope your son's drive is uneventful.

    So, day two and my legs are not too bad. I'm very hopeful that this is it!
    Meanwhile, this cold just keeps coming and going. Lil girl kept me up with earache couple days ago, but today's its son's turn. Luckily it started before pharmacies close and I got ear drops for him. I'm still not so great either.
  • agingwithfitness
    agingwithfitness Posts: 1,404 Member
    Maureli enjoy time with your son!

    Sherry sounds good hope it keeps working, fingers crossed@!

    started my day with call to IRS with one question about form 8949. Selling home, I used to be bookkeeper so do my own taxes but I swear they purposely make people pay to have them done, even their publications and instructions are not written for the normal peeps.

    I figured out my one question so rest will be easy...then on to CA one where I have to fill out a partial year resident form, joy joy!

    Another rainy day but i am going to do some exercise by dvd after hubby leaves for appt.