Sunday Jan 31, 2016

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    Good Morning
    Well, after a very good food-week, I have not had the best weekend. Too many indulgences and this morning I am feeling blah. I did still however, get my workout in. I will do my strength workout today as well. Tomorrow I have to go to the city with my parents, dad has an appt and my mom asked me to go in case he doesn't feel like driving home. She isn't big on driving in the city (although neither am I!)

    My oldest son did make it home on Friday without much problem due to the storm. He really only hit the bad stuff closer to home, so only 1/2 hr or so of nasty driving. Now today....he will head back. But, in much better road conditions.
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    Marla, funk the vote sounds like fun!
    Laura, we call our fuzzy socks "socksies" and my kids LOVE them. When I was a kid, socks were awful Christmas gifts, but my kids go nuts if they get socksies. Lol. Hope your headache is better. I'm battling "the cold that won't die" too.
    Maureen, good luck with the city driving. I take public transport everywhere and can never fathom why all these single people in cars that I see from the trolley window want to drive daily in the city.

    Today I'm getting some cooking done for the first of the week. Still fighting the cold too. Resting my legs and everything. Have been sore for two days either from my new "posture", or from my sofa deadlifts, lol.

    So, about my legs...basically, last week on our sick day when I walked zero, while I was just standing chopping cabbage, my calf hurt. I realized I was leaning forward, so I looked into it. Turns out that if you lean forward a bit and often, your calves can hurt. Basically, my core is being lazy, as are my glutes, leaving nothing but my poor calves to "right" me from my forward lean. D'oh! So, I started engaging my core and butt FULLY whenever I stand and walk. works!! BUT, it's exhausting both physically and mentally and sometimes I forget with no problem, but if I accidentally lean...calf pain. So I need to find the most efficient way to keep the right muscles engaged without always totally engaging the entire chain (I mean, I've got my abs drawn up and my butt tucked and squeezed the whole time and it's too much!). I think (hope) that it's temporary, in that I need to heal my calves from a very old overuse injury and that as I lose weight my center of gravity will move closer to my core (get rid of my poochy gut). And of course, doing strength exercises will do the trick too. But, at least I feel hopeful finally.
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    Here's to the core Sherry! I get lazy with it to.

    Yeah my taxes are nuts but I am stubborn and will finish this week when I get last W2, it took a lot of googling the right info but I understand the craziness and so far get $220 back from Federal. So at least not owing! I used amount off final check to figure out W2 I am waiting for.

    Had fun time last night but wow kids start stuff late! I was there at 8 to set stuff up, music was suppose to start at 9 but didn't until 10:40pm! until then just had streamed music. I left at 11:30 just as it was starting to get going. Was told most of the college kids come 11-11:30 and stay till 2. Not my lifestyle but I did register 10 of them to vote.

    For all the stuff they say online about young Bernie supporters, this group was pretty mellow and just having a good time without being wild and crazy.

    Sun out today, see how long it lasts, going to Eureka for errands. My neighbor is going to repaint hallway, just can't live with color we picked. I was going for a light lavender but it came out looking pink, ick! So having her paint off white. I have a rose living room and green kitchen, enough color!

    When she found out I hired painter earlier in month told me she does painting and just stopped a few years ago to raise kids, used to work with realtor. So I would rather help her while kids in school. She is one I built bench with, or should I say she did most of it!!!

    So buying more paint, Costco, then going to a fun store called Pickypickypicky it has good fun colored water boots and I need some many places on beach this time of year you have to walk over few inches of very cold water too deep for my hiking tennis shoes.

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    Sherry that makes sense about your calves. The body does just compensate when one area is weak, but eventually that will start to hurt you.

    When I did the running eval I discovered I'm not using my butt muscles (upper butt just under the SI region). When I was doing plank he stopped me & said I wasn't engaging my butt. My core is very strong thanks to Pilates, so my abs were strong enough to hold plank without my butt muscles. I could only engage that area while lying flat on my stomach so I had to engage my butt first, then lift up into plank. Now that area is stronger but it definitely took some work to get there.

    I woke up without a headache but had one come on again this afternoon.

    I bought snowshoes this fall & finally tested them out today. We have some great trails in the area but this is my first time ever on snowshoes so I just circled my yard several times. I immediately kicked one off in the snow but eventually got them snug enough.