Low carb - "deviled" eggs

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Yum - just saw this recipe for deviled eggs replacing mayo with hummus. Can't wait to try it.



  • nicsflyingcircus
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    Just need to point out that hummus is entirely a different sort of thing than mayo. In fact:

    Duke's Mayonnaise 1tbsp: 100 cal, 12g fat, 0 carbs, 0 protein
    Sabra Classic Hummus 2tbsp: 70cal, 5g fat, 4g carbs, 2g protein

    Not fudging numbers, those are each of those products' recommended serving size, and given how thick hummus is in relation to mayonnaise, you'd probably have to use a larger quantity of it to achieve the creaminess that is so awesome in deviled eggs.

    This seems more like a fix a lower fat advocate would use over a lower carb advocate.

    That being said, if it fits your goals and you like it, go for it.
  • tlflag1620
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    Personally I wouldn't replace mayo with hummus (hummus has more carbs and less fat and mayo is delicious). I could see making your own mayo if you want to avoid the soybean oil that is typically used in commercially prepared mayo tho.
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    Yep, just be aware that hummus is not low carb.
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    ladipoet wrote: »
    Yep, just be aware that hummus is not low carb.

    This! Would for sure use regular fat mayo over humus.
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    uhhhh what?????
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    Those are lower calorie deviled eggs, not lower carb.
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    Yeah interesting, there was another low cal recipe post recently too. I've seen using avocado instead of mayo but I wouldn't switch to hummus though I'm sure the flavor is good it wouldn't work for lower carb substitute.
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    Much better idea - thanks! What was I thinking??? Avocado is a much better choice.