Saturday Feb 6, 2016

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    well since we're all confessing our latest over-indulgences....nuts, chips n fancy sauce....I might as well fess up. Last night I indulged in an unknown amount of decadent chocolate chips. I was alone part of the evening, and this is what I do. Just handful after handful. This morning......I feel like crap. But like sherry says.....I'm not going to worry about it and will move on. However, I will try to not let myself repeat that tonight! I do so well during the day and then sabotage it in such little time.

    Anyway. I am really loving the Hammer and Chisel workouts. I have been at it for 2 weeks now and I have not done one workout twice yet. Some workouts are just Strength, some are a mix of strength and cardio....yesterdays was just full on cardio. Todays workout is called Hammer Power....I am thinking that this sounds like a strength workout. I hope so - they are my favorite.

    Goals for today
    1. drink 64oz water including some green tea
    2. get my workout done
    3. avoid evening snacking tonight (this isn't something I do everynight....but I want to tonight)
    4. log every morsel

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    Yeah...a couple days ago I ate an entire package of graham crackers. Dinner was late getting started and like Sherry, I was starving!

    Laura - When is your race? Sounds like your starting your training up the same time as me. :)

    Sherry - so glad you seem to be healing! I'll keep praying that it continues! But what a relief!

    Marla - Sounds like you're settling into your house nicely! Isn't a new gym supposed to be done soon by you? I can't remember if that was you that was waiting for a gym to open up or not.

    Maureen - glad you found a set of workouts you enjoy! That makes all the difference in actually finding motivation to get them done!

    Yesterday was better overall than other days. I had spaghetti squash from this food coop I do. So I looked up a recipe and tried it. Pretty yummy! I'm also starting my strength training back up. So I'm only doing one or two sets right now and then eventually I'll up it to three. Next week I start some light runs. Have a 5K with my sister (her first) next Saturday. The training starts officially for me. Excited to see what this year will bring!

    Today I'm shopping at Walmart and then just doing laundry around the house. Oldest has a birthday party I need to bring her too. That's about it...just catching up on chores. Have a great Saturday! I'm planning to post Februray goals later today.
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    Okay you guys, this is incredible. This is my second day of not having that red-hot-poker-to-the-back-of-the-calf feeling! My calves have been a bit tight and I've massaged & will continue to massage, but I mean the bad, sudden pain has disappeared for two days straight!!! This, after all these months! I can't believe it!!

    Of course now I have the dilemma that I had talked to the Mom who is married to the sports doctor and she said she'd have him call me. Meanwhile, I'm getting better! (This happens to me like 90% of the the time I feel unwell enough to seek a doctor, I end up miraculously healed within days of calling for an appointment, lol!) The dilemma is that he's been making an *kitten* of himself in an email war with the other parents (basically, he's a political jerk and it's him against all the other parents). So now if I say I'm miraculously healed, they'll think it's political, and it's not (I'm staying out of the politics). Hopefully he just won't call me. But as soon as I see the Mom, I'm going to indicate that I'm getting better...after 8 months...ugh, it sounds like such convenient timing now that this email war started. Oh well.

    Anyway, if this is for real...I need a good plan for getting back to good workouts. Going to have to work on that.

    Today, took it easy at home, took kids to activities. Just enjoying my normal-feeling calves. :wink:
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    Wish our country was like Austrailia and England and some others who only call elections 6-8 weeks ahead, public financing, no ads, and no fighting over people. Ugh. I am political and i hate it.

    Val, new gym not open until next fall. I stopped going to cheap place because machines were so old they shook, lol. Better gym here wants joining fee and since i am going to join other one dont want to pay twice.

    We drove to new doctor office yesterday to talk in person about stuff. They are small office and give you more time in appts, but followup is bad and you have to call many times to get stuff done, like recomendations to therapy. My hubby needed hand therapy and it took weeks to get appt next month. Took me a month to get results of test i did jan 2. Nurse finally said if there was a problem they would have called sooner, i hope so! I think if no problems they should leave quick message or email saying so.

    I noticed while there, being small office they didnt have enough staff for answering phone, talking to people there and call backs and entering info.

    I have been having to force my walks lately, just feeling cozy at home and don't want to go out. I had a sugar attack yesterday and made choc pudding, had huge helping which made me feel sick, got disgusted with self and threw rest away. I know we are learning, but lately the food part has been off for me.
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    Well I'm still eating poorly but at least I'm not feeling alone about it. Past few days I'm just struggling.

    Sherry if he calls talk to him about it anyway. You can tell him what you've been trying & the results and maybe he'll have additional ideas for you. Then you're not closing that door in case you have questions or problems in the future.

    I ran this morning and it went fine. Stomach has been off & on all day. Eating junk when it started feeling better wasn't a brilliant move. Also had a massage, which was good.

    Val my race is mid-June. 18th maybe? It's a Saturday. My training starts Feb 14 -- with a rest day. Ha ha. When is your race?
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    Oh I signed up for my first triathlon yesterday! The gym where I swim has an indoor try a tri that's a fundraiser. This one is time, not distance - 30 minute swim, bike & run. Think there's a 10 minute transition from swim to bike. Not sure how long for bike to run. I requested the first wave to get it done early. Wave time is first come/first serve. Registration just opened yesterday & the second wave was already full when I signed up at 4:15.