Slim Jims CHAT (2/8-2/14) - Wk #6

Week #6 - Already makeover week. hard to believe. share about your thoughts regarding the show. What did you like, didn't like, learned, who did you relate to etc.

Commercial Challenge: I know you won't want to miss a minute of the makeovers, so we'll stay in your living room :)

1st Hour:
One commercial: Legs - Lay on floor and perform side leg lifts, each leg.
2nd commercial: Arms - Pushups
3rd commercial: Abs - Situps and/or v-sits

2nd Hour:
one commercial: legs - squats (standing or hold against wall)
2nd commercial: abs - reverse crunches
3rd commercial: Stretches / Yoga type of wind down for the night

DEADLINE: Sun, Feb 14th @ midnight


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