• curlymop3
    curlymop3 Posts: 28 Member
    @lizadaze - oh dear, hope you got a better night's sleep, apologies for my countrymates waking you up.

    Am on here this evening to make sure I keep going - not such a good day, with cake at a caafe with a friend, then making birthday cake decorated with choc sweets, too difficult not to eat leftovers and some.

    Will start again tomorrow
  • kesslemg
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    I've been hungry today!! I just want to shove everything into my mouth. So far I have overcome the cravings but I'm not sure how long that will last. I didn't end up caving at all yesterday so I'll consider that a victory. We did have pancakes and bacon for dinner but I stayed within my calorie budget and man did they taste good!! I haven't had anything high in sodium so I may try weighing in tomorrow again. I have a late night with the boys so I don't get dinner until 7:30 or so which is very late for me. I have some nuts stashed in the car in case my hunger becomes unbearable. Have a good night!
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