Monday Febuary 8, 2016

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  • maureli
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    Good Morning!

    We are expecting a blizzard today, all classes are cancelled pretty much province wide here. 30-40cm with high winds. I am so glad that my son doesn't have to drive to campus today! Its not suppose to start til noon but is suppose snow right into tomorrow morning so I suspect it will be cancelled tomorrow as well.

    Yesterday was not too bad a day for me. We always have lunch at my parents on Sunday at noon. We still have a tin of Quality Street chocolates here....and I ended up have 3 of those (could be worse! three isn't terrible) . But other than that my day food-wise was pretty good. Also got my workout in, Chisel Balance. I'm feeling my hamstrings this morning.

    Sherry - so glad that your Achilles is feeling better! But....take it easy still....just in case! This guy sounds like he is on an, hopefully he will just not contact you at all.

    Marla - the weather and beach trail sound just wonderful to me! Enjoy and good luck with your computer projects :)

    Val - your day yesterday sounds like of like mine. I did really well with meals, but picked that those darn candys. Had it not been for that, I would have had a near perfect day. Heres to candies!! :)

    Well, off to get my day started. Coffee is helping!
  • FromHereOnOut
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    Blizzard! Brrrr! Snow is beautiful and peaceful and fun, but I'm a little happy to live without the disruption of blizzards.

    Situation is bad with parents all standing around talking and laughing about the emails (kinda childish) and I feel so bad for the Mom (married to the guy) because she gets in and out as quickly as possible and avoids them all. But today I spoke to her and told her I was feeling better, wearing new shoes, etc. She said she'd bring his card and I said that'd be perfect, esp since I like to run, so this sort of thing could come up in the future.

    Today, I did feel one little subdued pain in the right side, holding a very jumpy lil girls hand walking, after a long day. The left side feels a bit sore. But not bad, esp for all the walking. About 13,000 steps. Largely, I feel great, besides Monday kicking my butt (individual meeting with kinder teachers, late tutor due to lots of work for son). Still lots to do (chores, baths, etc) in the next hour before bedtime.
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    Opposite here with best sun day and temps warm for my area hgh around 70 no wind. At ocean up north that is summer weather lol...

    Going to try and go for hike today.

    What state are you in Maueli? I miss playing in the snow but not the cold.

    I ended up doing some valentines during game, i send cards to my daughters and mom and one girl friend that likes cards.