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I have heard it said that OA stands for Only Answer, and I am really feeling the truth of that slogan right now.

After coming to the rooms in 2005, being blessed with great recovery, losing almost 70 pounds, keeping off for a couple of years, working the steps, and experiencing healing in all areas of my life, i eventually became complacent.

i stopped attending meetings, working with others, and following a food plan. i regained all my weight, and lost (most) of my serenity, however, many of the gifts of the program have truly stayed with me. my life is better for having worked OA, even if i did dive back into the food.

but now, i am SICK of battling the food, sick of binging, sick of being overweight, and sick of dealing with all of this in isolation.
I am back in OA, attending meetings, and working with others.


  • wizbeth1218
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    So glad you are here!

    Keep coming back! :)
  • sheltony
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    Glad you found your way back. Although my time in OA was short, I knew it was the only time I truly felt at peace with food and spirit. Now that I'm back, it feels like a homecoming. I'll keep coming back---'cause it works!
  • CoCoMa
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    Welcome back! Funny, at a meeting today, I shared about complacency, which i find myself becoming when not focusing on program. I've been away from meetings for a few days, and went to one today and it felt good!
  • Terri_Wickwire
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    I was extremely active in OA from 1990-1996; newsletter, intergroup, meetings, sponsoring, phone calls and the Steps. Although, I never did a 4th Step. I now go to one meeting a week on Saturday, and am adding a Thursday meeting in. I am looking for a Sponsor because I KNOW this program works. We had a speaker on Saturday that has been in program for 25 years. I want what she has: Abstinence, Serenity, Community.

    Keep coming back -- it DOES work if you're willing to work it. I mean if I WORK it! :heart:

  • iPaw17
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    Good morning.

    My name is Mike and I am a compulsive overeater.

    Although the names of your malaties may be different than mine, in summary, I would venture my eating disorded has caused me to become morbidly obese. (48 BMI).

    Yet, I have been coming to OA for not quite 3 years. During that time, my BMI had dropped some 7 units. :-)

    This weekend, I "re-discovered" the only thing I truely seem to understand about the program: "It works when I work it."

    As a part this week's action items I am taking (to increase the kind, strength or number of Steps I take), I hope to use the OA Group in MyFitnessPal to open up, share and listen to others who share this disorder.

    I wish you a good day, :smile: :smile: :smile:

    Annapolis. MD
  • Laurel0724
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    Good morning, all! My name is Laurel, and I"m a recovering compulsive eater.

    I'm SO thrilled to find this group on MFP!

    I, too, know that OA is the only answer for me as well. I ALSO know, that I have been around the rooms of OA for years, attending meetings, doing service, and even following a food plan. However, it wasn't until started REALLY WORKING the program, which for me, looks like this: 1. committing my food every day to my sponsor and being honest about every thing that goes in my mouth 2. Working the steps of OA, as written in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and making outreach calls throughout the day - to remind me of my program because I can SO easily forget that "just one bite" won't hurt me?! 3. For me to work my program effectively, as my sponsor puts it, "Put down the food (sugar and white flour) and get to work!" 4. Work with others.
    Glad to be back.....Day 3 of my imperfect feels good to be home!
  • Terri_Wickwire
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    I SO love knowing that I can Go to Meetings, Make a Phone Call, Work the Steps, Talk with My Sponsor, Do Some Writing -- and CHECK in on MFP!!! I just LOVE this group!!
    :love: :flowerforyou:
  • ThriftyChica12
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    so far, over 2 weeks back in OA: abstinent, writing on daily stepwork, seeing HP in my life, and feeling grateful!!!
  • PattiUnleashed
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    so far, over 2 weeks back in OA: abstinent, writing on daily stepwork, seeing HP in my life, and feeling grateful!!!

    Welcome back. My name is Patti and I am a recovering compulsive overeater. :)

    And good for you for just jumping back in. Instead of focusing on regretting the past, you are focusing on today. One day at a time. Keep reading the big book and doing the daily work. The rewards are endless.

    My gratitude's yesterday were the three little birds that kept sitting atop my tree in my back yard. A yellow chested one, a red chested one, and a little hummingbird. They are so tiny! Have a HP filled peaceful day! :flowerforyou:

  • operavagabond
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    I'm thankful for this discussion group! I've been reading up on past posts and have found it to be a treasure trove of information! :)