Have your RMR tested!

husseycd Posts: 814 Member
I did and I'm so glad I did. RMR is your resting metabolic rate, and basically tells you what you burn sitting around doing nothing. I'm 37, 5.5", 131 lbs, and about 19.6% BF. My RMR came back at 1580 calories or about 1.1 calories/minute. That means the only time I should eat close to 1600 calories per day is if I'm having a very lazy day--sick in bed, watching movies, lounging by the beach...

I also bought a body media, and it tells me I'm burning between 2150-2500 calories/day and uses a number very similar to my tested RMR when I'm sitting at the computer--like now.

Currenly, I'm trying to eat about 2000 calories (a slow increase from 1700 to 2000). It's crazy because I was stuck at 138 lbs for a long time and have finally started dropping weight just by verifying my calories and making sure they stay in that 1800-2000 range.

Instead of playing the guessing game, I highly recommend this method for everyone.Get tested, invest in a device that accurately measures your calorie expenditure, count calories and eat a modest deficit. My goal of 18% BF and 125-ish lbs seems very doable now.