More about exercise - hunger and weight loss

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For those who exercise and keep an eye on calories - do you eat back those calories? Also anybody else find certain types of exercise affects your appetite? For example, lifting seems to make me really hungry!


  • LuizH
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    Swimming makes me the most hungry, followed closely by lifting and running.

    I am in the process of experimenting with my calories to find the level where I feel full but am still losing weight. I have calculated my average calorie burn per day based on a month's data from my Garmin, allowing 20% for the Garmin overestimating, and added this on to my BMR. Then I took off what I thought is a sensible deficit and also set MFP not to add back exercise calories so that I am aiming for the same amount each day just because removing that variable makes meal planning easier! So I am eating back calories but not necessarily on the days I burn them!
  • pugglepants318
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    I am trying to build muscle while losing fat, which is hard to do, so I try to eat back some exercise calories. I don't want too big of a calorie deficit. Sometimes I don't eat them all, and other days I eat more, so it all kind of evens out I think.

    I try to pay attention to my body, some days I am really hungry and others I am not, so I eat more on those days, but I found that lifting makes me really hungry too!!!
  • Lillith32
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    Weights and intense workouts get me really hungry. Long, slow runs kill my appetite for hours. I try to eat an extra 100-300 calories if I do something crazy like run for hour and a half, but for anything shorter I don't bother eating back the calories.
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    Lifting makes me hungry - for sure. I usually go to work after my morning workout so I pack my breakfast and make sure there is a good amount of fat to keep me satisfied. Bacon and guacamole is a fave combo for me.